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Interesting Links - Dr. Joanne Stewart

Overview of catalytic asymmetric synthesis - In 2001, the Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded to Knowles, Noyori, and Sharpless for their work in catalytic asymmetric synthesis. This site provides an excellent overview of the field.


Important Organizations

PKAL - Project Kaleidoscope is an informal national alliance working to build strong learning environments for undergraduate students in mathematics, engineering and the various fields of science.

CUR - The Council on Undergraduate Research promotes research by undergraduates at primarily undergraduate institutions (PUIs).

ACS-DIC - the American Chemical Society Division of Inorganic Chemistry

ACS DivCHED - the American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Education

International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group

International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry



ChemConnections project description - ChemConnections modules were developed as part of the National Science Foundation's Systematic Change Initiative in Chemistry. The 2-4-week modules start with relevant real-world questions and develop the chemistry needed to answer them.

ChemConnections supporting web site - This site provides an outline of each ChemConnections module and links to supporting material for the modules. If you have an old ChemConnections CD-ROM, look here for updated information.

Multi-initiative dissemination workshops - The NSF-sponsored Multi-Initiative Dissemination (MID) Project introduces faculty to the four NSF Systemic-Change Intiatives in Chemistry.

A guide to teaching with modules - A pdf document written with a former Hope education student, Valorie Wilkerson, that provides an overview of what a ChemConnections module is and how to begin teaching with modules.