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Hope College Lil' Science Club
Fall '10 and Spring '11
Grades K - 6th

This year Lil’ Science Club will be studying the SCIENCE OF STAR WARS!!!  Each exciting session will be hands-on and independent of each other.  Even if you can only attend 4 or 5 sessions it will be worth it.  Contact Tod Gugino (gugino@hope.edu, 616-395-7640) if you have any questions. The topics this year will be:

Space:  Study galaxies “A long time ago and far, far away”…they’re mostly the same as today.

Force Shields and Photons:  Discover and harness the energy of magnetism, light, lasers and light sabers.

Creatures and Droids:  Learn the true science of living creatures and droids in our world compared to the Republic.

Travel and Motion:  Explore the physics of intergalactic travel and pod racing with hover crafts and more.

Life Support:  Learn what it takes to sustain life…specifically water, energy and atmosphere.

Jedi Training:  “Study and apply you will” the forces and powers of mental focus, observation, camouflage and defense.


Fall:        Oct 9   Nov 6     Dec 4 (pizza party)
Spring:   Feb 5   Mar 12   Apr 16 (pizza party)

Time: 9:15am-11:45am
Location: Meet in the Schaap Science Center Atrium
(Corner of 12th and College)

$36.00 for the Fall, $36 for the Spring or $60 for both

Registration Information
The club fee covers instruction and course materials. You must complete the registration form that is linked below and return with payment. Make checks payable to Hope College. Every session will be independent so if you need to miss one or two, that is fine. Parents are welcome to attend the sessions with their child. We will have a pizza party the last session of each semester.

Click here to download the Registration Form.