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(and faculty advisors)

Matthew B. Ambrose Midland, MI  
 “Amperometric Determination of Glucose by Electrodes Modified with Ferrocene and Tetraaminophthalocyanine”  (Brown)



Robert J. Bartlett Mount Vernon, IN
Lake Macatawa Sediment Analysis Using Microwave Aided Digestion” (Peaslee) 



Jennifer L. Bassman  Scotch Plains, NJ
 “GATA-1 Protein Interactions with DNA: The Importance of Methyl Groups Found on the Thymine Bases in the G-A-T-A DNA Sequence” (Pikaart)



Jennifer L. Broyles (Northern Arizona University)
 “Utilizing Steady-State and Time-Resolved Fluorescence to Characterize VACM-1 Receptor-Protein Binding Interactions” (Burnatowska-Hledin)



Jessica L. Case  Portage, MI   
“The Preparation of Precursors for Propellane Synthesis” (Sanford)



Karen M. Clark Midland, MI 
“Nitrilase Enzymes in the Enantioselective Synthesis of Lactones” (Taylor)



Carl T. Daniel Pompton Plains, NJ 
“Preparation and Characterization of Water-Dispersible Silicone-Based Micro-gel Nano-Particulates” (Silver)



Susan M. DeLange  Orland Park, IL
“Obtaining Wild-Type and a Cysteine-Free Mutant of T4 Lysozyme Through Bacterial Expression and Purification” (Krueger)



Matthew M. Davis Park Forest, IL
“The Preparation of A Chiral Intermediate in the Synthesis of Eptazocine and Aphanorphine” (Taylor)



Christopher J. Goltz Midland, MI
“Use of Steady-State and Time-Resolved Fluorescence to Characterize VACM-1 Receptor-Ligand Binding” (Krueger)



Kelly M. Gruszynski  (Univ. of Wisconsin-Green Bay)
“The Importance of Leucine-17 and Arginine-19 in the Binding DNA and the GATA-1 Transcription Factor” (Pikaart)



Karen E.Hahn Midland, MI
“Dispersed Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Formyl Fluoride” (Polik)



Ian B. Hesselsweet Grand Haven, MI

“Cyclic Voltammetric Analysis of POLY-TAPc and Co2+ Doped POLY-TAPc Thin Films” (Brown)



Benjamin B. Hilldore

Holland, MI

“Analysis of Giant Resonances in 84 MeV/A 17O+Pb and 100 MeV/A 36Ar + Pb, Zr” (Peaslee)



Layne C. Hillman  Attica, MI 
“Subcloning of the cDNAs encoding the Human Isoform of System xc¯”(Chase)



Natalie M. Hosking   Noblesville, IN 
“The Synthesis of an Adamantyl Substituted [1.1.1]Propellane” (Sanford)



Andrew J. Huisman Zeeland, MI 
“Trace Metal Measurements Using Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films (DGT)” (Peaslee)



Kelley K. Hutchins Livonia, MI
“The Development of a Mammalian Expression System for System xc¯ for Future Structure/Function Analysis” (Chase)



Erin N. Ingersoll Comstock Park, MI
“Analysis of Lake Macatawa Sediment and its History” (Peaslee)



Charlene E. Kan Midland, MI 
“Use of Two Hybrid System to isolate proteins interacting with VACM-1” (Burnatowska-Hledin)



Lee M. Kiessel  Suttons Bay, MI 
“Analysis of Giant Resonances in 84 MeV/A 17O+Pb System using the S800” (Peaslee)



Isabelle Phuong Le Grand Rapids, MI 
“Regulation of System xc¯ by Reactive Oxygen Species” (Chase)



Beauregard Lee Mason Hastings, MI
“Fluorescence-Detected Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Studies Using Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC)” (Krueger)



Laurie K. McNamara Cedar Grove, NJ 
“The Preparation of Polyether Side Chains for Polyelectrolytes” (Sanford)



Brian H. Mott Zeeland, MI 
“GATA-1 Protein Interactions with DNA: The Importance of Methyl Groups Found on the Thymine Bases in the G-A-T-A DNA Sequence” (Pikaart)



Joseph K. Postma Wayland, MI 
“The Introduction of Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectrometry at Hope College, and its Applications in Environmental Studies” (Peaslee)



David H. Pridmore  Novi, MI 
“The Investigation of the Polymerization of Novel Polyether Substituted Poly (Phenylenevinylenes)” (Sanford)



Katherine A. Ramsey Holland, MI
“The Antimutagenic Effect on Chlorophyllin on Metabolically Activated Cyclophosphamide” (Peaslee)



Kyle M. Ranta Univ. of Michigan 
“Transportation and Distribution of Phosphates in the Lake Macatawa Watershed” (Peaslee)



Rosalinda Roa Holland, MI
“The Preparation of a Polyelectrolyte-Substituted Poly(Phenylenevinylene) with Branched Substituents” (Sanford)



Travis R. Ruch Grand Rapids, MI 
“Cyclic Voltammetric Analysis of POLY-TAPc and Co2+ Doped POLY-TAPc Thin Films” (Brown)



Emily Schwartz Commerce Township, MI
“Mechanistic Study of System xc¯, a cystine/glutamate Antirporter” (Chase)



Justin M. Shorb Scotts, MI
“Development of Parameters For Modeling Silicon-Containing Compounds in AMBER Molecular Dynamics Simulations” (Krueger)



Nicole L. Steele College of St. Catherine
“Regulation of System xc¯ by Phosphorylation” (Chase)



Christopher C. Sterling St. James, Jamaica 
“The Preparation of a Fluorenyl Substituted [1.1.1] Propellane” (Sanford)



Kristen E. Stolle Kalamazoo, MI
“Enantioselective Biotransformations of Hydroxyamides Utilizing MLE-31” (Taylor)



Betty Tang Holland, MI
“The Preparation of Adamantyl-Substituted[1.1.1]Propellane” (Sanford)



Matthew J. Teusink Fremont, MI 
“Electrophysiological Investigations of Ionic Coupling Stoichiometry of System ” (Chase)



Peter Van Wylen  Holland, MI 
“Construction of a Modular Neutron Array (MoNA) and Analysis of 11C+197Au Fission Cross Sections” (Peaslee)



Matthew C. Zwier Portage, MI 
“Use of Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Analysis of Fluorescence-Detected Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Experiments” (Krueger)