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Examples of Incompatible Chemicals

Chemical Incompatible With
acetic acid strong oxidizing agents, metals, strong bases, amines, peroxides
acetylene halogens, mercury, copper, silver
acetone strong oxidizers, strong acids
alkali and alkaline earth metals water, carbon tetrachloride and other chlorinated hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and halogens
ammonia heavy metals, halogens, hypochlorites
ammonium nitrate powdered metals, flammable liquids, acids, chlorides, organic material
aniline strong acids and oxidizing agents, alkalis, peroxides
azides acids
bromine ammonia, powdered metals, organic material, hydrogen
calcium oxide acids, water
carbon (activated) oxidizing agents, calcium hypochlorite
carbon tetrachloride alkali metals, oxidizing agents, reacts with dimethyl formamide above 65C
chlorates strong reducing agents, acids, powdered metals, organic materials, combustable materials
chromic acid combustable organic materials, strong reducing agents
chlorine finely divided metals, most organic materials not fully halogenated
chlorine dioxide ammonia, methane, phosphine, hydrogen sulfide
copper oxidizers, peroxides
cynides acids, strong oxidizing agents
flammable liquids ammonium nitrate, chromic acid, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, soium peroxide, halogens
fluorine everything
hydrocarbons halogens, chromic acid, sodium peroxide
hydrocyanic acid strong acids and alkalies, oxidizing agents, bleach
hydrofluoric acid alkalis, oxidizing or reducing agents, cyanides, sulfides, glass, metals, organic material
hydrogen peroxide most metals and their salts, organic materials, combustable materials
hydrogen sulfide strong oxidizing agents such as nitric acid
hypochlorites acids, activated carbon
iodine acetylene, ammonia, hydrogen
mercury halogens, nitric acid, ammonia, acetylene
nitrates sulfuric acid
nitric acid(conc) acetic acid, aniline, chromic acid, hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen sulfide, flammable liquids, all heavy metals
nitrites acids
oxalic acid strong oxidizers, silver compounds, mercury
oxygen oils, grease, flammable materials
perchloric acid strong acids and bases, dehydrating agents, acid anhydrides, flammable materials, phosphorus halides, alcohols
peroxides, organic acids, avoid friction, store cold
phosphorus (white) air, oxygen, alkali metals, moisture
potassium carbon tetrachloride, carbon dioxide, water
potassium chlorate strong acids and reducing agents, finely powdered metals, organic materials
potassium perchlorate strong acids
potassium permanganate combustible materials, strong reducing agents, strong acids, peroxides, alcohols, chemically active metals
silver acetylene, oxalic acid, tartartic acid, fulminic acid, ammonium compounds
sodium nitrite ammonium nitrate and other ammonium salts
sodium peroxide ethanol, methanol, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, oxidizable substances, carbon disulfide, aluminum, ammonium persulfate, diethyl ether
sulfides strong acids
sulfuric acid potassium chlorate, potassium perchlorate, potassium permanganate


CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 80th Ed. and Material Safety Data Sheets