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First Aid and Emergency Procedures

Public Safety..........................extension 911

Holland Police Department...........396-0911

In the event that someone gets injured in a laboratory, first aid procedures should be followed and additional help summoned if necessary. If further medical help is needed Public Safety should be called to assist. Public safety can summon additional help such as ambulances, fire rescue, etc. if needed. However if an ambulance is needed badly you can call one by calling the Holland Police Department at 396-0911. After you have called the Holland Police Department you should also call Public Safety and inform them of the situation.

First aid kits are available in the laboratories for your use.

For minor injuries where the injured person needs transportation to the hospital for stitches or X-Rays you can call Public Safety.

Emergency Procedures

The following emergency procedures are recommended in the event of fire, explosion, or other laboratory accident. These procedures are intended to limit injuries and minimize damage if an accident should occur.

Render assistance to persons involved and remove them from exposure to further injury if necessary.

Warn personnel in adjacent areas of any potential hazards to their safety. If necessary pull the fire alarm and evacuate the building.

Render immediate first aid. Appropriate measures include washing under a safety shower, administering artificial resuscitation if breathing has stopped and you are trained in CPR, and special first aid measures that might include: not moving the injured, stopping the bleeding, inducing vomiting, etc.

Extinguish small fires by using a portable fire extinguisher. Turn off nearby apparatus such as gas lines and remove combustible materials from the areas. In case of larger fires, contact Public Safety at extension 911 and evacuate the building. Pull the nearest fire alarm pull station and notify others to evacuate the building also.

In case of a medical emergency laboratory personnel should remain calm and administer approproater first aid and:

1. Summon medical help.

2. Do not move the injured person unless he/she is in danger of further harm. Remember, do not jeopardize your safety to rescue someone as you may fall victim to the same danger as the victim.

3. Keep the injured party warm and reassure the injured person that help is on the way.

4. If clothing is on fire, knock the person to the floor and roll him/her to smother the flames. If a fire blanket is available, use it to wrap the person in to smother the flames.

5. If chemicals have been spilled on the body, flood the exposed area with sufficient running water from a safety shower and immediately remove any contaminated clothing.

6. If a chemical has entered the eye, immediately wash the eyeball and the inner surface of the eyelid with plenty of water for 15 minutes. An eyewash fountain should be used if available. Forcibly hold the eye open to wash thoroughly behind the eyelid.