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Computer Classrooms in the Natural Sciences

CSM Classroom SC 3101

SC 3101 is available for any course that needs high-end hardware or software support, particularly advanced visualization capabilities. It may be reserved through the Events and Conferences Office. When not scheduled for courses the classroom is available for student use. The classroom calendar is maintained by the ECO and listed as the "Computational Chem Comp Lab 3101".

The CSM Classroom has a stereo projection system capable of displaying images with true three-dimensionality. Software is installed that understands molecular structure files (e.g. pdb), stereographic image pairs, and the vrml2 3-D image format.

The teacher's workstation also utilizes SMART board technology -- allowing the instructor to write on a touchscreen monitor, project that onto the screen, and also record it for later posting to the web. (on-line users guide.pdf)

15 student PCs have the following software applications installed:

-AIM Triton
-MSN Messenger
-Remote Desktop Connection
-SynchronEyes Student 6.0
-Yahoo! Messenger with Voice

Microsoft Office
-Access 2003
-Excel 2003
-PowerPoint 2003
-Publisher 2003
-Microsoft Office Tools
-Word 2003

General Tools
-Binary Viewer
-Crimson Editor
-Maple Calculator
-Notepad ++
-SSH Secure File Transfer Client
-SSH Secure Shell Client
-Windows Explorer

-Autodesk Maya 2008

Math, Stats, Plotting
-Maple 10
-MATLAB R2008a
-Microsoft Office Excel 2003
-Origin 7.5
-R 2.5
-Mplus Editor
-SPSS 13.0 for Windows

Search Tools
-KnowItAll (R) 5.0 Informatics System
-SciFinder Scholar

Structure Drawing
-KnowItAll (R) 5.0 Informatics System
-MDL ISIS Draw 2.5

Structure Viewing
-Cn3d 4.1
-VMD 1.8.5
-Aldrich Spectral Viewer

A number of other computer classrooms with special capabilities are available. Their descriptions will be added to this site soon.

A short Instructors on-line Howto Guide can be found here