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Computational Science & Modeling Resources

The Computational Science & Modeling (CSM) Laboratory (SC 3101) supports computation throughout the sciences primarily through three resources:

  • High Performance Computing. Several cluster supercomputers are available for any Natural Sciences faculty member (and associated students) to utilize for research or for coursework. A number of software packages are already installed on these machines and faculty may either install their own software or request that the CSM Laboratory install additional titles.
  • Visualization Classroom. A modern computational classroom may be reserved by faculty for one-time, occasional, or regular use in lecture and laboratory courses. The classroom includes a stereo (3-D) projection system and PCs with software titles that reflect the advanced computational and visualization orientation of the CSM laboratory.
  • CSM Facilitator. Paul Van Allsburg is available to help faculty and students utilize the computational resources described above. Just stop by to see him in SC 3107 or submit a work order to get his attention.

A number of other computational classrooms are available to students and faculty in the science center and Vander Werf hall. Details are given in the classroom link.