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The Leadership Team

We use the term leadership "team" because that is what we truly are. We do not have offices forming a hierarchy, but rather we work collaboratively to make all decisions. As a group, we are responsible for all aspects of the organization, with faculty members serving as references and facilitators. In order to keep the student chapter productive and of higher quality, the students involved must be self-directed, goal oriented, and reflective individuals in order to have purpose in our decisions, communicate effectively, and to learn from our mistakes.We welcome input from all education students and faculty members: this organization exists for the benefit of all and cannot exist without your support!

There are seven positions on the leadership team which need to be filled: co-convener, workshop coordinator, membership, website coordinator, publicity, finances, and secretary. Two leadership team members hold each position, preferably a upperclassman and an underclassman.

Explore the links below for more information. If you would like to join the team, please see Professor Tony Donk, Susan Brondyk or one of the current leadership team members for more information.

Co-conveners--Hannah Boshoven '14 and Hannah Cutshall '16

Membership Coordinators --Kate Bauer '14 and Celia Horak '15

Workshop Coordinators -- Breanna Wisneski '16 and Mikaela Brinks '16

Publicity --Emily Dalgliesh '14

Finances --Kelsey Masserant '14 and Kelsie Wojcik '15

Service Chair --Amanda Cole '14

Webpage Coordinator --Kate Bauer '14 and Celia Horak '15

Faculty Co-advisors: Professor Tony Donk and Professor Susan Brondyk

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