Information for Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification (MTTC)

  • Professional Readiness Examination (PRE)
    • Formerly called the Basic Skills Test
    • Must be taken and passed prior to acceptance into the Department of Education
  • MTTC Content Tests
    • In order to meet Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) requirements mandated by the State of Michigan for teacher education candidates, all 
      • Elementary track students MUST pass the Elementary exam (test #103).  Major and minor exams are optional but are strongly recommended for marketability purposes in order to certify the candidate to teach in his/her content area at the middle school level, grades 6-8. 
      • Secondary track students MUST pass exams in both major and minor (or double major) areas of study, with the exception of music education, visual arts education and integrated science majors at the secondary level that do not require a minor).
    • These exams should not be taken until 90% of course work has been completed in each subject area.  The test is typically taken immediately preceding or during Student Teaching.
    • Exams are available via paper based (all content areas) or computer based (currently limited to specific subjects).  Paper based exams are offered four times per year and computer based tests are available numerous times throughout the year.

Registration, test objectives and study guides are available on the MTTC website. CLICK HERE