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LIVERPOOL, UK Four Credits
EDUC 282/283 - Literacy II
EDUC 360/361 - Secondary Principles & Methods

WHO: All Education Students

WHEN: June 4-26, 2016


    ED 282/283 - Literacy II (elementary and special education students)
    ED 360/361 Secondary Principles (secondary students)
  • HAVE FUN!!

Application : click here

The Hope College Education Department is committed to offering a full range of off-campus experiences, both domestic and foreign, for our prospective teachers. Among the options is an exciting opportunity to travel to Liverpool, England, where Elementary, Secondary and Special Education program students will teach in British schools and take courses from their Hope professors.

While in Liverpool, the Hope students will reside and board at Liverpool Hope University, a sister college with which Hope has had a long and fruitful relationship. The city of Liverpool served as the “2008 Cultural Capital of Europe” and provides many off-campus activities. Additionally, students will take weekend trips to London and Edinburgh, Scotland, which includes an excursion to the Highlands. As the student comments below attest, you will not want to miss this opportunity!

Imagine a month of being fully immersed in British culture…living, traveling, observing, and teaching in the rich history and culture of England. Imagine further a great opportunity of learning available across the sea for Hope Secondary students. The opportunity to take Secondary Principles in Liverpool is not just imaginative, but a reality and a curious way to stretch yourself as a student and educator. The Liverpool May Term allowed me to see the vastness of education beyond the confines of my own frame of reference and a glimpse of what teaching in another part of the world is. Let your imagination run wild and consider the world of education in Liverpool. Ryan – Secondary, History.
The May Term in Liverpool greatly broadened my perspective in many ways. I was able to experience the English school system, culture, and people while developing my teaching skills. It really helped me to apply the material I was learning by working side by side with kids every day. After this trip, I felt more prepared and knowledgeable about technology, lesson plans, and classroom management than I did before I went overseas. Anna – Elementary, Special Education
Going to Liverpool was one of the greatest experiences so far during my time at Hope. Studying abroad was one thing I knew I wanted to do; however, once I got to Hope, I knew I wouldn’t want to leave campus for a semester – so going as a May Term was perfect. It was awesome to get to experience another country’s education system in comparison to ours. It’s also a blast to get to know a group of people so closely. And the professors rock! GO!
Beth – Secondary, English
  Going abroad to Liverpool and being immersed in one of their elementary schools renewed my passion and excitement for education and teaching. The students and teachers I worked with were simply amazing. It was incredible to learn about their educational system, and from my experience, I came away with strategies and ideas that I want to implement in my own classroom someday. It was wonderful month that I will never forget! :) Amy – Elementary, English

If you have any questions, contact:

Laura Pardo - pardo@hope.edu

Tony Donk - donk@hope.edu

Bill Moreau - moreau@hope.edu