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1st Friday in OCTOBER for Fall Semester
1st Friday in MARCH for Spring Semester
(if you are taking Exceptional Child during May Term, then apply by the March deadline.)


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Teacher Education Application Checklist

FIRST: complete the ON-LINE application! click here
SECOND: the following MUST be completed by the deadline!!
(Forms are available online. Click on the underlined/highlighted forms below and print them.)

You are responsible to:

1. Have an overall GPA of 2.75.

2. Submit your major declaration form and minor declaration form to the appropriate department. Be sure to indicate that it is for certification.
To calculate your GPA for major, minor and education courses - click here

3. Obtain three Hope College Faculty Recommendations. These must come from professors with whom you have had courses. One (and ONLY one) MUST  be from an Education Department professor.

4. Have completed Field Placement Evaluations for ED 221 - Educational Psychology and ED 226 - Exceptional Child.

5. In order to be admitted to the Education Department, you must demonstrate proficiency in three basic areas; Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. There are three options to complete this requirement:

a. ACT Scores
b. Michigan Merit Exam (MME) Scores
c. Professional Readiness Exam (PRE)

6. Read and sign a Statement of Commitment to Professionalism and Confidentiality Agreement (both part of the Teacher Education Orientation Meeting that is required when enrolled in ED220/221-Educational Psychology).

7. FOR L.D. and E.I. MAJORS ONLY: Submit a brief written Statement explaining why you want to major in LD or EI (Special Education double majors must complete a form for each major).

8. “Completion” of (OR the “commitment to complete”) the IDS 200 - Encounter with Cultures or AES 210 - Introduction to Ethnic Studies requirement.

9. Signed Criminal Background History Statement.(part of the Teacher Education Orientation Meeting that is required when enrolled in ED220/221-Educational Psychology).

10. Required to attend ONE “Teacher Education Orientation Meeting” and ONE “Orientation Meeting for Chalk & Wire” when enrolled in ED220/221- Educational Psychology. (Meeting days/times will be announced in class.)

INCOMPLETE or LATE applications will NOT be accepted.
If you do NOT meet these requirements you may NOT take upper level education courses!!