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2002 ISTE NETS Distinguished Achievement Award Winner
Hope College, Holland, Michigan

ISTE Nets Distinguished Achievement Award

Ed 356 - Classroom & Behavior Management for LD/EI

356 Classroom & Behavior Management for LD/EI - As one of the final classes in the special education sequence, this course provides an opportunity for students majoring in learning disabilities and emotional impairments to examine research-supported methods for improving student behavior and increasing learning. The theoretical foundation for comprehensive classroom management, establishing a proactive environment, as well as helping students evaluate and correct unproductive behavior will be studied. Emphasis will also include legislative issues, disciplining students with disabilities, unique educational needs of special education students, and developing individual behavior change plans.

General Preparation Profile & Artifacts

General Preparation Performance Profile-NETS for Teachers
Upon completion of the general preparation component of their program, prospective teachers will:
3. Use technology tools and information resources to increase productivity, promote creativity, and facilitate academic learning. (I,III,IV,V)

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