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2002 ISTE NETS Distinguished Achievement Award Winner
Hope College, Holland, Michigan

ISTE Nets Distinguished Achievement Award

Level I - Introductory Courses for Elementary and Secondary Certification

Education 220-221 Educational Psychology and Field Placement
Education 225-226 Exceptional Child and Field Placement

Level II - Professional Sequence Courses

Elementary Certification
Ed. 280-281 Literacy I: Reading and Language Arts, Birth to Second Grade and Field Placement
Ed. 282-283 Literacy II: Reading and Language Arts, Grades 3-6 and Field Placement
Ed. 310-311 Elementary Curriculum and Methods (Math, Science, and Social Studies) and Field Placement
Ed. 312 Classroom Management for the Elementary and Middle School Teacher
Ed. 356 Classroom & Behavior Management for LD/EI

Secondary Certification
Ed. 285-286 Secondary Reading/Language Arts Across Disciplines
Ed. 287 Instructional Design for Adolescents
Ed. 360-361 Secondary Principles and Field Placement

Level III - Professional Semester

Ed. 470 Student Teaching in the Elementary School OR
Ed. 480 Student Teaching in the Secondary School
Ed. 495 Senior Seminar in Education
Ed. 500 Perspectives in Education