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2002 ISTE NETS Distinguished Achievement Award Winner
Hope College, Holland, Michigan

ISTE Nets Distinguished Achievement Award

The prep matrices illustrate the Performance tasks that are completed in each course.

General Preparation Matrix

Professional Preparation Matrix

Level I - Introductory Courses for Elementary and Secondary Certification

Education 220-221 Educational Psychology and Field Placement
Education 225-226 Exceptional Child and Field Placement

Level II - Professional Sequence Courses

Elementary Certification
Ed. 280-281 Literacy I: Reading and Language Arts, Birth to Second Grade and Field Placement
Ed. 282-283 Literacy II: Reading and Language Arts, Grades 3-6 and Field Placement
Ed. 310-311 Elementary Curriculum and Methods (Math, Science, and Social Studies) and Field Placement
Ed. 312 Classroom Management for the Elementary and Middle School Teacher

Secondary Certification
Ed. 285 Secondary Reading/Language Arts Across Disciplines
Ed. 286 Secondary Reading/Adolescent Design Field Placement
Ed. 287 Instructional Design for Adolescents
Ed. 360-361 Secondary Principles and Field Placement

Level III - Professional Semester

Ed. 470 Student Teaching in the Elementary School OR
Ed. 480 Student Teaching in the Secondary School
Ed. 495 Senior Seminar in Education
Ed. 500 Perspectives in Education