Creating Your Own Table of Contents for Your Portfolio

1. Sign into your Chalk and Wire account.
2. Click on “My Portfolios.”
3. Click on “Add New Portfolio.”
4. Give your portfolio a title where it currently says your name.
5. From the drop down menu on the same page select “Customizable Table of Contents.”
6. Finally on the same page, choose a theme by clicking one of the images.
7. Then, you will see a blank portfolio. So far, the only page you have is “Home.”
8. To add a page, click on “Add Page.”
9. Name your page and click “Save.”
10. This will automatically send you back to your Home page. To add another page keep repeating these steps. The order that you add pages will be the order they are listed under the Home page.
11. If you want to add a subpage, simply click the page you would like to add a subpage to and then click “Add Page.” (For example, if I wanted to have a page called, “Awards” and I wanted a subpage called “Dean’s List” I would have to click on the page, “Awards” before I added this page. Then, after I have made this page, “Dean’s List” will come up as a link on my “Awards” page.)
12. Once you have added all your pages, you are ready to start adding artifacts.