Part-Time Instructor
EDUC 260 - Social Studies for Elementary/Middle School


To students registered in ED 260: We will be learning together on Monday afternoons and into the evening too. I am a full-time teacher and a busy mother, but I have truly found a rewarding challenge by teaching this course at Hope College. I will draw from more than twenty years of teaching 5th-8th graders in Holland Public Schools. Get ready to hear what it is like to juggle all the responsibilities of life as I share my stories with you.

I have confidence that you will enjoy reading an actual student text that is used with local fifth, sixth, and seventh grade social studies classes. These resources and many others will add to our authentic discussions, simulations, and activities. Technically, this is a content course, but I hope to lecture as little as possible. You will need to do the reading in order to score well on the content quizzes, yet never fear, the projects and class discussion are where you will learn and discover the most about what it means to be a teacher. Thank you for joining me as I share my passion for social studies.