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Research Opportunities

Student learning beyond the classroom.

Collaborative Student/Faculty Research

Kimberly Arsenault

  • 2011 NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition Program proposal with Vicki-Lynn Holmes and several Hope Education students - Mathematics Literacy: Using Technology to Improve Students' Mathematics Skills was accepted for presentation at the April Conference.

Jane Finn

  • Research: Michigan Merit Cirriculum and At Risk and Special Education Students:
    1. Nydia Chavarria
    2. Marcy Blower
  • Research: What makes successful independent living?
    1. Sarah Lidgard
    2. Jayne Vroon
  • The following Hope College students applied and were accepted at NCUR (National Conference for Undergraduate Research) for Spring 2011.
    1. Nydia Chavarria
    2. Marcy Blower
    3. Jillian Valentino
    4. Alex Harsay
  • These following students also presented in the Celebration of Hope Undergraduate Research in April 2011
    1. Alex Harsay: Friendship House: Was It Successful?
    2. Nydia Chavarria: Perceptions of the MMC (Michigan Merit Curriculum)
    3. Marcy Blowers: Perceptions of the MMC (Michigan Merit Curriculum)

Yooyen Hwang

  • Dr. Vicki-Lynn Holmes and Dr. Yooyen Hwang conducted a longitudinal study, with two math education students (Anna Flicik and Kristin Bosch). These two student researchers were involved in planning, collecting data and analyzing the data as well as disseminating the results. They presented preliminary results at the Frost Center Colloquium on December 1, 2011.

Laura Pardo

  • Research: What are the effects of CASA on academie achievement?
    • Work was done during spring and summer of 2011
    • Findings impacted CASA's work in the fall 2011 semester in terms of an added program - life skills
    • Abstract was prepared in late 2011 for the Celebration of Hope Undergraduate Research
      1. Jori Niemann
      2. Kristen Craig
      3. Briana Ruscher