choice theory -- something to consider for adolescent learners



William Glasser's 10 Principles of Choice Theory


1. We can only control our own behavior.

2. All we can give or get from others is information.

3. All long-lasting problems are relationship problems.

4. We must have at least one satisfying personal relationship.

5. The past has a good deal to do with who we are, but we are not prisoners of the past.

6. We are driven by five genetic, basic needs.

7. We satisfy these needs by what we choose to put in our quality worlds.

8. All behavior is made up of four inseparable components...acting, thinking, feeling and physiology.

9. We gain personal freedom when we recognize that we choose all our own behavior

10. We only have direct control over acting and thinking. We can indirectly control our feelings and physiology by how we think and act.