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American Ethnic Studies Minor


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AES 210: Introduction to Ethnic Studies, CD4
David Cho
TR 1:30 - 2:50

An introduction to methods and approaches for understanding historical and cultural issues relating to ethnicity in the United States. Students will explore a wide variety of primary materials, including literature, film, visual arts and material culture. The course is required for the American Ethnic Studies Minor, and serves as a theoretical foundation. It may be substituted for IDS 200 for Teacher Education requirements. Applies to Foundations requirement.

HIST 351. Slavery and Race in America
Fred L. Johnson
TR 3:00 - 4:20

This course examines the roles that slavery and race have played in shaping the course of American history. Starting from an overall assessment of slavery’s origins in western culture, the course considers the practice of slavery and its social, political, and economic influences in North America. Special emphasis is placed upon analyzing how institutional slavery and the concept of race shaped the lives of masters, slaves, and their respective descendants down to the present day. Applies to African American Focus.


SPAN 344. Modern Hispanic American Literature and Culture
Maria C. Andre
MWF 11:00 - 11:50

A study of Hispanic American literature from the wars of independence until the present (XIX and XX centuries). Politics and important historical events are discussed through the analysis of literary texts and most representative works of the corresponding period (other sources such as documentary videos, slides, and films are considered). Students are exposed to a wide variety of literary genres ranging from narrative, drama, poetry, essay, etc. Conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: Spanish 341 with a grade of C+ or better or equivalent.
Applies to Latino American Focus.