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Forbes Magazine rated Geology among the most valuable college majors

If you are interested, please contact Brian Bodenbender at bodenbender@hope.edu


Special Funds Support Summer Research Students

Rex Johnson Student Research Fund – This fund was created in 2011 by Global Remediation Technologies Inc. to honor Rex Johnson, a valued employee. The fund is providing partial support for Kyle Falk to work with Dr. Peaslee to collect and characterize sediment in the Lake Macatawa Watershed. In addition to this project, Kyle has begun a project investigating luminescence from alkali and plagioclase feldspars, both under electron beam bombardment (cathodoluminescence) and ion-beam bombardment (IBIL).

Holleman Geology and Environmental Science Student Research Fund– Gifts to this fund from Hope College alumni Bill and Betty Holleman is fully supporting Kara Seymour, who is testing a time lapse camera for use on the lake shore to monitor sand movement during storms, working with Dr. Bodenbender. The Holleman fund is also providing partial support for Austin Krehel and Scott Cathey. Austin is working with Dr. Hansen to monitor the development of blowout dunes and the migration of small parabolic dunes along the Lake Michigan coast. Scott is working with Dr. Bodenbender on a related project, developing a new method to monitor sand movement over large areas by using a GigaPan system to make web-based panoramic views of dunes and then taking on-screen measurements from the panoramas.

Nicholas VerHey '75 Geology Summer Research Fund –Family, classmates, and colleagues at Collarini Energy Staffing, Inc., created this fund to honor the memory of Nick VerHey. As the first endowed fund dedicated to students in the GES Department, the VerHey Fund has enabled numerous students to conduct research and present their results at national professional meetings. The Nicholas VerHey '75 Geology Summer Research Fund is providing partial support for both Kyle Falk and Scott Cathey in their projects described above.