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Environmental Public Policy

Course Number: GES 310
Credits: 4
Offered: Spring Semester
Instructors: Professors Peterson, Holmes, and Lunn

This course is an introductory analysis of the economic, regulatory, scientific, and political factors involved in environmental public policy. American environmental management will be viewed in terms of the interplay among economic efficiency, scientific feasibility, and the demands of the political process. Topics covered will include market forces, federal lands, intergovernmental relations, agency law, comparative institutions, U.S. environmental regulations, and technological compliance. This course is team taught by faculty from the Departments of Economics, Geological and Environmental Sciences, and Political Science so that students are exposed to the interdisciplinary nature of environmental
public policy issues. Four hours of lecture per week. Prerequisites: Economics 211 or Political Science 100 and the fulfillment of the college’s general education science requirement.