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Faith Whitehouse '10
The Environmental Science minor has been one of the best assets to my Biology major. The experiences I have gained within the minor have only better prepared me to work with other professionals with a variety of backgrounds.

Drew Shaw '10
Nothing beats Hope College Geology. Every class gives you hands on experience whether it is in the lab or out in the field. The professors are truly excited about what they are doing and strive to do the best job that they can possibly do. The size of the department allows class size to remain small and focused, but at the same time we are able to maintain one of the best facilities of any liberal arts college in the nation. And did I mention camping trips all over North America?

Peter VanHeest '10
As a Geology major at Hope College, I have had the opportunity to work alongside the professors on several research projects and to do fieldwork in Argentina, California, and the Smoky Mountains. The major is very interactive and students have the ability to work with many types of instrumentation and equipment.

Catherine Ellis '10
The Geology staff has done as great job in teaching me the content as well as advising me in my course schedule in order to receive my Geology minor. The camping trips, small class sizes, and personable staff all lead to a friendly field of study here at Hope College. It has been a great experience being a Hope College Geology student.

Sarah VanderMeer '10
I really enjoyed that we took weekend trips around the United States and applied our geological knowledge that we’ve learned in the classroom to actual outcrop formations. With geology, there’s only so much you can learn just with lab simulations. It’s great to get firsthand experience!

Tyler Depke '09
The GES department provided opportunities to expand my learning potential by integrating environmental science, geology, chemistry, and biology together in order to simulate real life situations. What I learned in upper level chemistry classes I was able to apply to many geological and environmental situations.

Teri O'Meara '08
My experience in the GES department at Hope College was invaluable. I was able to use field techniques and instruments that placed me ahead of the curve in laboratory and field skills; the professors were excellent; and the other students were very friendly. The GES department has played a significant role in making me the researcher I am today.

Steve Pels '08
The GES department allowed me to explore during my four years at Hope. I was able to travel to new and exciting places, participate in undergraduate research, interact and collaborate with charismatic professors, and attend classes that I actually enjoyed being a part of every day. Furthermore, the path to my degree provided ample opportunity to get my hands dirty in the field. It was an added bonus being able to camp, cook and learn in some of the most beautiful areas in the country. The relationships I developed with my peers and the experiences we shared will last a lifetime.

Carrie Thomason ‘07
Before I came here, I didn’t have any idea what Geology was all about. To me, Geology was just rocks. After just one course, I realized just how much more than that it was, and how much fun Geology and the Environmental Sciences could be. I was hooked from then on. As a senior, I’ve done three years of summer internships with the program, working on my own research projects and gaining important experience which will help greatly when I apply to graduate school, where I will get at least a master’s in Geology. If you like science, adventure and being outside, this is a fantastic major to choose.

Jeff Wilcox '01
The experiences and opportunities I had at Hope College through field trips, small classes, summer research, and personal interactions with my professors are not possible at a larger school.

Aaron Juber '00
Even more important than the things I learned in the class room at Hope College were the knowledge, wisdom, and maturity I gained interacting with the great people at the institution

Erik Hiemstra '99
While at Hope College I was able to participate in three summers of research. This experience was invaluable when I entered graduate school because I had already learned the fundamentals of the research process.

Melissa Powell '99
This is how I describe my experience within the department: a group of students with a true sense of adventure and camaraderie, with well-versed teachers as tour guides