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Computational Science and Modeling Emphasis

The computational science and modeling (CSM) minor is an interdisciplinary program stressing the application of computation to scientific problems spanning a variety of fields. 

Motivation:  Computation has become commonplace across the sciences.  In fact, the federal High-end Computing Revitalization Task Force recently stated that, “Computer modeling and simulation of physical phenomena and engineered systems have become widely recognized as the third pillar of science and technology – sharing equal billing with theory and experiment.”  Therefore, Hope College will offer a minor in CSM to better serve students who wish to learn how to apply computational methods to scientific problems.

Goals:  Very briefly, the goals of the CSM minor, related to student learning are:

  1. To help students understand the foundations of computational science and modeling. 
  2. To make students aware of strengths and limitations of computational approaches, i.e. to recognize when computational approaches are likely to be helpful and when they are not.
  3. To prepare students to solve scientific problems using computational techniques.
  4. To prepare students to participate in interdisciplinary science.

Link to Computational Science & Modeling Facility (CSM).

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