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Course-Based Research Grant Program Guidelines


Funding Details

We anticipate awarding at least two awards for complete course development projects, each with a maximum award of $10,000. We anticipate awarding at least two awards for research module development, each with a maximum budget of $2,500.  In addition, awardees will be provided modest stipends for participating in the summer workshops. Completed applications must be submitted electronically to hhmi@hope.edu by February 15, 2016.  Review of applications and announcement of awards will be completed in early March.  

Application Review Program

Applications will be reviewed by the CRE steering committee based on the following review criteria:

  • Intellectual merit of scholarship
  • Learning potential
  • Potential Impact on department (faculty and majors)
  • Potential student demand

Budget Restrictions

Funds may be requested for equipment and supplies.  In addition, summer stipends for faculty, staff and students may be requested.  Suggested stipend rates are $800/week for faculty and $450/week for students.   Please remember that funds for the employer contribution to FICA and MQFE taxes on stipends must be included in the budget request.  (This is currently 7.65%, but check the Sponsored Research Project page for current information.)  Part time staff support to co-teach or provide reduced teaching loads during the academic year may also be requested.  In fact, any request within the overall budget restrictions will be considered, though in the long run, it must be clear within the project description how recurring costs will be covered once the award period is completed.

Grant Application Components

Complete applications should include:

  1. completed cover page
  2. brief abstract (less than ½ page)
  3. project description (three-page) which provides the information listed in the project description guidelines
  4. bibliography
  5. brief budget with justification. 

All materials should be in 12 point font, single-spaced, with 1-inch margins. All pages should be numbered. All materials should be merged into a single pdf document and e-mailed to hhmi@hope.edu by the application deadline.

Project Description

Please begin with a description of the proposed course or module and the target undergraduate population. If designing a module, describe how the proposed research component fits into the existing course.  If designing a new course, describe how it fits into the major.  

Please address each of the following:
  1. Research Description
    • Goals of Research Activity
    • Methodology
    • Dissemination of results (internal or external)
  2. Education
    • Learning goals and objectives
    • Assessment plan (Identify one or two objectives you plan to assess and how you plan to assess them)
    • What is the design of the research experience and what pedagogical approaches are to be used? For example, will students be taking exams, writing papers, giving presentations, participating in discussions, engaging in collaborative learning? (The course elements of existing CRE courses that have high impact on student learning are described on the CURE Findings site.)
  3. Resources needed
    • Describe staffing/facilities/resources needed for development, implementation and sustained offering of the course
    • Include a timeline for the development and implementation program.

Project Outcomes/Products

  1. A preliminary report is due on September 15 the year of the award.
  2. A final report is due September 15 the year after the award date. 
  3. If an extension is needed to complete the work AND expend funds, a progress report, including justification for the extension must be submitted as a part of the preliminary report.. 
  4. An on-campus presentation of the project results must occur before the final report is due.
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