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Faculty programs supported by the Hope HHMI program

The Hope HHMI program supports Hope STEM faculty research initiatives, curriculum development initiatives as well as opportunities for engaging with the local k-12 community.

Faculty research awards provide up to $15,000 to support a faculty/student collaborative research program at Hope.  All funded projects must support the overall goal of the Hope HHMI 2012 program, which is to help develop future STEM research leaders. Preference will be given to projects that include explicit connections to the HHMI 2012 program components (course-based research experience program, the bridge program and the CSI program), though research with undergraduate collaborators is the minimum qualifying criterion.

Course-based Research Experience development grants provide up to $10,000 to a faculty member or team to support the development of courses that contain a significant research/research-like experience as a part of the course.  The experiences may be a component of an existing course (e.g. a module or research project as a part of an FYS or disciplinary course) OR may be the complete focus of the course (e.g. Bio295 Honors Lab: Phage Genomics Research, or GES401 Advanced Environmental Seminar).

The HHMI Research Scholars program supports undergraduate researchers working with Hope STEM faculty during the summer. Each participating department will nominate one student to participate each summer. The program provides not only stipend for the research scholar, but also the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary research mentor training workshop.

The Center for STEM Inquiry (CSI) is supporting a variety of initiatives to engage Hope STEM faculty, staff and students with the local k-12 community. Faculty interested in sharing their expertise or developing programs that engage the pre-college students or educators in activities based on their research programs are encouraged to work with the CSI team.

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