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News for April (and March) 2013

Many of your colleagues were very busy in February and March, submitting proposals, reviewing proposals and doing great things related to HHMI projects.  Check out the rest of the newsletter to see what creative things your colleagues are planning to do this summer and next year!  If you have an idea for a course-based research project, we have a small amount of funding left in this program ($7000) to support one or two additional small projects.  We will be accepting proposals through May 6, 2013, so check out the program guidelines and submit a proposal.  

HHMI Funded Projects:

Faculty Research Grants

Drs. Kenneth Brown and Elizabeth Sanford, The Development of an Electrochemical Array for Sensing Technology

Dr. Michael Jipping, Augmented Reality Using Structural Identification on Mobile Phones

Drs. Jianhua Li, Kenneth Brown, & Airat Bekmetjev, Exploring the Association of Rapid Diversification of Maple Lineages and the Diversity of Protective Pigments

Course Based Research Grants

Dr. Virginia McDonough and Dr. Greg Fraley, General Biology

Dr. Katharine Polasek and Susan Brown, Introduction to Engineering

Dr. Brian Yurk and Dr. Airat Bekmetjev, FYS/Statistics

HHMI Research Scholars

Taylor Brushwyler, Michael Jipping, Computer Science

Parker Bussies, Jianhua Li, Biology

Lauren Janness, Gwenda Schmidt-Snoek, Psychology

Minchul Kim, Matthew Smith, Engineering

Caitlin Kozack, Elizabeth Sanford, Chemistry

Eric Traynor, Paul DeYoung, Physics

Nathan VanArendonk, Ed Hanson, Geology

Ariel Vincent, Brian Yurk, Mathematics

Center for STEM Inquiry

Watershed Science Investigations: Jennifer Soukhome, Outdoor Discovery Center, Vicki-Lynn Holmes, Ryan Reason, Michael Henrikson (June 2013)

Nuclear Science Investigations: Drew Isola, Carrie Dummer, Kristin Slotman, Sasha Balcazar (June 2013)

Development of Dune Science Investigations: Brian Bodenbender, Sasha Balcazar, Katelyn Dickerson

In This Issue

  1. Funded projects
  2. Upcoming activities
  1. CRE Development Workshop
  2. Mentoring Workshops

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Steering Committee

Donna Garrett

Jason Gillmore

Peter Gonthier

Ed Hansen

Ginny McDonough

Ryan McFall

Laura Pardo

Katie Polasek

Mark Pearson

Pat Roehling

Program Staff

Cathy Mader

      Program director

Karen Nordell Pearson


Anna Bonnema

     FACES director

Susan Ipri-Brown

     CSI director

Allison Mashman

     Administrative Assistant

Future Plans:

Course-based Research Experience professional development program 

Faculty supported by the CRE program will be participating in a summer workshop at Hope on May 15 to 17 with 35 faculty from seven other HHMI supported programs.  The workshop is supported by a minigrant from HHMI to the seven institution CRE Collaboration, which is not only allowing us to stretch our own funding, but is allowing us to infuse our workshop program with new ideas.  In addition, we’ve invited several faculty members with experience in CRE development/assessment to participate in the workshop.  These experts as well as some of our own local experts will serve as resources for workshop participants during the 2-day workshop, enabling them to have a very solid course syllabus developed by the end of the workshop.  

Participants from Hope will also participate in a second follow-up workshop later this summer.  The follow-up workshop will involve only Hope faculty members and will serve as an opportunity to follow-up with local experts and peers as faculty members finalize their plans for their new courses.  All Hope CRE grant awardees will be awarded stipends for participating in the two-workshop series.

HHMI Research Scholars Mentoring program

The HHMI Research Scholars will be participating in a Mentor Training program this summer.  The program is based on the successful Research Mentor Training program developed with HHMI and NSF support at the University of Wisconsin.  The students will participate in a weekly seminar in which they will review scenarios that can occur in research groups and discuss ways in which, as a mentor, they can address the problems and help younger researchers work through these challenges.  The Mentor Training program will be led by Karen Nordell Pearson.  All eight HHMI Research Scholars will be participating and each department is invited to nominate a second research student to participate in the program.  Lunch will be provided for all participants.  Please e-mail hhmi@hope.edu with questions or to nominate the second participant from your department.

HHMI Bridge program

The official bridge program has taken an hiatus this year.  We’ve got no formal bridge programs planned for the summer, though the course-based research experience project of Brian Yurk and Airat Bekmetjev will have a pre-academic year component.  We’ll be watching how this FYS course with a 1-week, pre-orientation weekend component works to see if this can be a model for future bridge programs.  If you have suggestions for other Bridge program models, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

HHMI Consultants

We have funds available to bring in a Hope HHMI Consultant to campus each year of the grant.  The consultant can be anyone who would be able to provide input on some aspect of our HHMI funded programs.  The funds will support travel and expenses for someone to visit campus for a few days.  If you have ideas for a specific consultant you would like to see visiting Hope OR have ideas for where you think a consultant could be useful and want to help us find someone to visit campus, please share your ideas with us.

Future Efforts:

We will be hosting small discussions on the following topics in May...  If you are interested in participating in these conversations, e-mail hhmi@hope.edu OR watch your e-mail for invitations.

  1. Academic support challenges in large enrollment courses - enrollments in the introductory courses are continuously growing.  Academic support needs to evolve in order to meet these challenges.  What can we do in the short term?  What are other campus doing?  Join Cathy Mader, Anna Bonnema, Janet Pinkham and others to discuss these issues and plan for the future.
  2. FYS planning/development - planning to teach an FYS this fall?  Next Fall?  Every year, several FYS sections seem to have common themes.  Often we find others have activities/resources that we wish we knew about early enough so that we could tap into them for our own courses.  Join Cathy Mader, Anna Bonnema and other FYS instructors to brainstorm and share ideas...