Hope HHMI 2012

News for December 2012

        The HHMI 2012 steering committee has been busily working on defining the logistical details and guidelines for all of the programs supported by the new HHMI grant. Take a look at the program descriptions and see if any projects you have in mind for the next year mesh with our programs. In addition to being able to join the HHMI lunch conversations about these topics, you might even be able to utilize HHMI funds to support your projects.

        To learn more, check out our HHMI program information website or follow the links below.

Course-based Research Experience Grants : This program will support development and teaching of courses that embed research into courses.

Faculty Research Grants:  This faculty research grant program will support faculty/student collaborative research initiatives which help address the goals of the Hope HHMI 2012 program.

Research Scholars: As STEM researchers move along the continuum from novice to expert archer, HHMI research scholars will be supported to participate in summer research experiences. This time, we'll focus on students who will serve as mentors to younger researchers

Pre-college Bridge Experiences: This program will support incoming first year students joining existing summer research groups. The details are still not well defined.

Fostering A Community of Excellence in Science at Hope: Our peer mentoring program is in th middle of its third year! FACES director Anna Bonnema will be sending a newsletter out to the division before the students return to campus!

Center for STEM Inquiry: This new program will support existing K-12 STEM education initiatives at Hope, including:

  1. Summer STEM Academies
  2. Summer STEM Teacher PD workshops
  3. Summer Academy Scholars
  4. STEM Education Scholars

In This Issue

  1. Course-based Research Experiences (CRE)
  2. Faculty Research Grants (FRG)
  3. Research Scholars
  4. Precollege Bridge Experiences
  5. Fostering A Community of Excellence in Science at Hope (FACES)
  6. Center for STEM Inquiry (CSI

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Steering Committee

   Donna Garrett

   Jason Gillmore

   Peter Gonither

   Ed Hansen

   Ginny McDonough

   Ryan McFall

   Laura Pardo

   Katie Polasek

   Mark Pearson

   Pat Roehling

Program Staff

  Cathy Mader

      Program director

  Karen Nordell Pearson


  Anna Bonnema

     FACES director

  Susan Ipri-Brown

     CSI director

  Allison Mashman

     Administrative Assistant