News for January 2013

        January has been such a busy month, we didn’t have time to get the newsletter out until February.  However, I know lots of you are interested in details about funding opportunities, so I wanted to remind you how to find details about the programs and encourage you to contact me OR the steering committee members if you have questions.

        To learn more about all HHMI programs, HHMI program information website.  Remember that several funding opportunities have application deadlines in February.  Read on to learn more about the upcoming deadlines and other upcoming conversations.

Upcoming HHMI Conversations (Lunches):

Thursday, February 21:  Improving retention of first-year STEM majors.  We have several activities/programs to help students succeed in first year STEM courses and hopefully persist in STEM majors.  Let’s talk about the existing programs (FACES, academic support, help sessions, etc) and explore new ideas.

Tuesday, March 12:  The Center for STEM Inquiry - what is it and how can it help you?

Programs with deadlines of February 15:

Course-based Research Experience Grants : This program will support development and teaching of courses that embed research into STEM courses.

Faculty Research Grants:  The faculty research grant program will support faculty/student collaborative research initiatives which help address the goals of the Hope HHMI program.

Programs with deadlines of February 21:

Research Scholars: HHMI research scholars will be supported to participate in summer research experiences and a seminar program that will help them develop mentoring skills. Each participating department nominates a candidate for the scholar program.  E-mail nomination packets to hhmi@hope.edu.

In This Issue

  1. Upcoming Conversations
  2. February 15 Deadlines
  3. February 21 Deadlines

Click here to see the HHMI Calendar for  Upcoming Events and Deadlines

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