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January 2014

Welcome back everyone.  We had a busy semester of activity last fall and will share some updates below.  One noteworthy program was the Faculty Research Award Program, for which several new projects selected for funding.  Check out the newsletter below to learn more about the awards. Give your colleagues that were funded a high-five when you see them next!

There are many other program updates and opportunities to tap into Hope HHMI programs and  resources to support the work you are doing or would like to do.  Many are described below, but we would be happy to discuss these topics further in person!  Invite us to a department meeting, join us at a Hope HHMI lunch or shoot us an e-mail!

Faculty Research Award Program

Faculty colleagues submitted 11 proposals to the FRA program.  They were all great and we wish we could have funded them all.  Unfortunately, the budget just didn’t allow that.  We’d like to congratulate the following folks and wish them great success with their funded projects:

  • Joseph Stukey and Virginia McDonough:  “Discovery and functional investigation of cytotoxic phage genes, a faculty-student collaborative project”
  • Emilie Dykstra Goris: “Oxytocin Receptor Gene as a Candidate Gene for Apathy among Persons with Alzheimer Disease”
  • Matthew Smith: “Thermally reversible polymers for patterning self-oscillating gels”
  • Ed Hansen: “International Research Experience for Hope Students: Geologic Mapping in Halland Province, Sweden”
  • Brian Yurk and Greg Murray: “Modeling Rainforest Pioneer Populations in Treefall Gaps of the Monteverde, Costa Rica Cloud Forest”

Course Development Awards for Course-based Research Experiences (CRE)

Five courses were developed with support from the Hope HHMI CRE program during the summer of 2013.   Three courses were successfully taught for the first time in the Fall of 2013, one is being taught this Spring and the fifth will be taught this summer.  The next opportunity for you to request a CRE Course-development Award is February 17, 2014.  Check out the program website for details about prior awards and proposal guidelines.  There will also be an HHMI lunch on February 6 to talk about the program and brainstorm about potential CRE development projects.

Hope HHMI Research Scholars

Each department participating in the Hope HHMI program activities is eligible to nominate one undergraduate for the Hope HHMI Research Scholars program.  The program will provide up to $450 stipend/week for each of the HRS program participants for up to 10-weeks during the summer of 2014.  All participants will participate in the Research Mentoring Lunch discussion program.  The program components and requirements are available online, but don’t hesitate to ask your steering committee representative or the program director questions!  One key detail is that the application deadline is March 15, 2014.

Each department may select one additional student to participate in the Research Mentoring lunch program.  If your department is interested in learning more, please contact me (mader@hope.edu) or Karen Nordell Pearson (nordellpearson@hope.edu).

CSI (Center for STEM Inquiry)

The CSI program is organizing a few STEM outreach activities during the academic year and planning for the summer.  We’ve hosted workshops for First Lego League (FLL) coaches in the area and recruited student volunteers to help with Science Olympiad, FLL and other area STEM activities.  On February 15, CSI and the Hope Society of Women Engineers (SWE) are hosting “Making a Difference: A Day to Explore Engineering Careers”.  If you are engaged in STEM outreach and would like help from the CSI team, please don’t hesitate to ask.

This summer, CSI will, once again, host several STEM Academies for middle and high school students, STEM teacher workshops and several special STEM Academies with targeted high schools from Chicago and Muskegon.  We’re working with the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District and Muskegon Math and Science Center, the Outdoor Discovery Center and the Kalamazoo Nature Center.  We’re pursuing external funding from sources like the Michigan Space Grant Consortium and the Michigan Chapter of the American Nuclear Society.  If you have ideas for STEM k-12 education initiatives and would like to work with from the CSI team, please contact Susan Ipri-Brown (browns@hope.edu).

If you know of students interested in k-12 outreach opportunities OR STEM Education research experiences, please help us connect with them!  Either share their names with us or give them our contact information.  We have many opportunities for volunteers during the academic year, employment during the summer as well as several hybrid opportunities that can involve academic credit.

FACES at Hope (Fostering A Community of Excellence at Hope)

The largest cohort of new FACES participants to date has kept the students and program director busy.  The enthusiasm of the student participants for the program just keeps getting stronger, so the hard work is worthwhile!  Please contact Anna Bonnema (bonnema@hope.edu) with any programmatic suggestions, as well as with the names of any students you feel could benefit from participating in FACES as either mentors or protégés.

HHMI Consultants

Funds are available to bring in a Hope HHMI Consultant to campus each year of the grant.  The consultant can be anyone who would be able to provide input on some aspect of our HHMI funded programs.  The funds will support travel and expenses for someone to visit campus for a few days.  If you have ideas for a specific consultant you would like to see visiting Hope OR have ideas for where you think a consultant could be useful and want to help us find someone to visit campus, please share your ideas with us.

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