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March 2014

It’s hard to believe that the day before spring break, we woke to 2o F temperatures!  Yikes!  Since the weather isn’t helping to remind us that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, I’ll share some HHMI news for spring events and upcoming summer activities to help you get into the spirit!  Check up the exciting things that are happening below.  I also want to give you a heads-up that we’ll have a few more lunch conversations as the semester winds down.  Tentative dates are shown on the right.  I’ll add topic information on the calendar as the plans are confirmed and send invitations to remind you all.  

Course Development Awards for Course-based Research Experiences (CRE)

Our Biology colleagues are on a roll with two new CRE projects.  We look forward to seeing their CRE projects develop over the course of the summer and next academic year and hope we hear more about them at HHMI lunches next Fall!

  • Kathy Winnett-Murray and Maria Burnatowska-Hledin: “Antibiotic Properties of Spices and the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance (The Spice of Life)”
  • Aaron Best: “BIO 301 General Microbiology Lab”

CSI (Center for STEM Inquiry)

This summer, CSI will host several STEM Academies for middle and high school students and STEM teacher workshops.  Check out the CSI website to learn more.   If you know of teachers or organizations who could help us spread the word about these great opportunities, please let us know!  Either share their names with us or put them in contact with Susan Ipri-Brown (browns@hope.edu).

FACES at Hope (Fostering A Community of Excellence at Hope)

We’re about to begin the process of recruiting the next FACES cohort.  We need your help identifying current Hope students that would be great mentors for the incoming students.  If you have any suggestions, please contact Anna Bonnema (bonnema@hope.edu).

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Upcoming Events

✦Mar. 27:  HHMI lunch

✦Apr.  16:  HHMI lunch

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