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Summer Summary

Welcome back to all returning faculty and staff and welcome to all new faculty and staff.  The summer months were very busy for HHMI supported faculty, staff and students.  

  • Seven faculty members in five departments utilized HHMI funds to support their research programs this past summer.  
  • Three faculty members in two departments revised two courses which embed research experiences for students within the curriculum.
  • Eight undergraduates carried out research with faculty members as HHMI research scholars.
  • Ten undergraduates participated in a research mentor training seminar program.
  • 3 STEM secondary education majors participated in field placements with the Center for STEM Inquiry(CSI) academy programs.
  • 2 education and 3 engineering majors worked as CSI staff for the summer.
  • 8 professionals - high school teachers and several faculty members - participated in CSI activities, teaching academies, leading teacher workshops or developing new materials for use in future CSI summer academies or workshops.
  • 80 middle and high school students participated in weeklong programs.
  • Over 200 students participated in one-day immersion activities.

September Notes

HHMI Lunch Programs

We’ve begun a series of HHMI lunch discussions on ways we can increase student success in introductory STEM courses. Check out the blog summarizing some of the articles that are discussed and some of the ideas tried by our colleagues.  

A group of discussion participants is about to begin reading “A Mind for Numbers:  How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra)”, by Barbara Oakley.  If you are interested in reading the book and joining the discussions, please e-mail hhmi@hope.edu and let us know so we can order your copy.

Stay tuned for further discussions in October.  We’ll send dates and topics as soon as we know more.

Faculty Research Award Program

Monday, November 3rd is the deadline for proposals for faculty research awards. Five faculty in 2013 and 7 faculty in 2014 received funding from HHMI to conduct research.  We welcome proposals for up to $15,000 and the HHMI website has the guidelines and details.

CSI (Center for STEM Inquiry)

This past summer, CSI hosted 6 weeklong STEM Academies for middle and high school students and 3 STEM teacher workshops. Several models were explored including field placements within a middle school academy, hosting a teacher professional development program developed elsewhere, and tying a teacher professional education session with a student academy. CSI also partnered with Step-Up to provide a 4-week summer program for at-risk middle school students. 

Planning for next summer is already underway. If you have ideas you would like to share, or have questions, please contact Susan Ipri Brown (browns@hope.edu).

FACES at Hope (Fostering A Community of Excellence at Hope)

FACES is off to a wonderful start this fall.  Thank you to all faculty who attended our kick-off reception on August 27.  We have ~40 new freshmen participants and a couple of new transfer students.  We are excitedly planning our programming and welcome any suggestions you have.  If you have a speaker coming to your department that would be a good fit to share time and conversation with the FACES group, please let me know.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact Anna Bonnema (bonnema@hope.edu).IMG_3598_f2014.jpg
2014-2015 FACES

HHMI Research Scholar Program

Eight experienced research students participated in a series of 6 lunch discussions as part of the Hughes Research Scholar mentor training program. Karen Pearson facilitated the lunch series with the help of Christian Werner and Sarah Harvin, two students who have been trained in the techniques of intergroup dialog.  The group's conversations included research-related topics such as setting goals and expectations, effective communication and managing conflict.  In brief reflective essays written at the end of the summer experiences, the research scholars affirmed how these lunch discussions helped them navigate the relationships with their faculty mentor as well as those with less experienced labmates.

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