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September 2013

Summer Summary


Welcome back to all returning faculty and staff and welcome to all new faculty and staff. The summer months were very busy for HHMI supported faculty, staff and students.  

  • Six faculty members in four departments utilized HHMI funds to support their research programs this past summer.  

  • Eight faculty members in four departments designed new courses which embed research experiences for students within the curriculum.

  • Eight undergraduates carried out research with faculty members as HHMI research scholars.

  • Ten undergraduates participated in a research mentor training seminar program.

  • Five STEM secondary education majors participated in the Center for STEM Inquiry academy programs.

  • Three high school teachers and several faculty members also participated in CSI activities, teaching academies, leading teacher workshops OR developing new materials for use in future CSI summer academies or workshops

September Notes

Hope HHMI Program website has been revamped to make it easier to find information about how you can participate in future activities.  Check it out and let us know if you have problems finding information about the program that you are looking for!

FACES at Hope (Fostering A Community of Excellence at Hope) kicked off it's 4th year this fall with the largest cohort of new participants to date.  Connections within the cohort have already been strengthened by participation in a wonderful kick off event and a daily coffee hour held the first two weeks of September.  Faculty members are encouraged to contact Anna Bonnema (bonnema@hope.edu) with any programmatic suggestions, as well as with the names of any students you feel could benefit from participating in FACES as either mentors or proteges.

⇨On September 5th, the first Hope HHMI Program lunch focussed on sharing ways in which we support students in our large enrollment classes.  There were many great ideas and not enough time to dig into any of these topics in great depth.  There is clearly interest in many different aspects of this topic - from individual faculty pedagogy choices (peer instruction, "clickers", outside of class group assignments, flipped classrooms, etc), to programmatic things (like PLTL and Supplemental Instruction).  One common theme was the desire to have more formal and consistent methods for recruiting and training students who are either tutors or "learning assistants" (for example help-room staff or lab TAs).  

⇨An electronic discussion forum has been created to share ideas you have about helping students succeed in large enrollment classes.  If you have specific topics you’d like to see this group discuss either on the e-forum or in future lunch meetings, please share them with me either on the discussion forum or by e-mail (mader@hope.edu)


HHMI Consultants

We have funds available to bring in a Hope HHMI Consultant to campus each year of the grant.  The consultant can be anyone who would be able to provide input on some aspect of our HHMI funded programs.  The funds will support travel and expenses for someone to visit campus for a few days.  If you have ideas for a specific consultant you would like to see visiting Hope OR have ideas for where you think a consultant could be useful and want to help us find someone to visit campus, please share your ideas with us.


HHMI Faculty Research Grant program


The HHMI Faculty Research Grant program will support collaborative faculty/student research programs in the nine Hope HHMI 2012 departments.  The deadline for the 2013-2014 program is November 1, 2013.  To learn more about requirements, check out the Hope HHMI 2012 Faculty Research Grant webpage.


Future HHMI Lunch programming


The next HHMI lunch will be on October 2nd, 2013 from 11 am to 12:40 pm.  The location will be in the Granberg Room.  The topic of discussion will be assessment of undergraduate research experiences, both in course-based situations and individual faculty research programs.  Join us and share your experiences and help us decide future directions for HHMI program supported assessment.  Remember, check the HHMI home page to see the future HHMI lunch schedule.

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