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Learning is best done by doing. Hope students are able to do STEM through opportunities in faculty research laboratories as-well-as in course-based research experiences. The 2012 Hope HHMI program supports research efforts of faculty and students through awards to support faculty research programs, awards to support the development of new course-based research experiences and the HHMI research scholars program.


Faculty Research Awards for 2016:

Name(s) Department Research Title
Dr. Andrew Gall Psychology Neural mechanisms underlying circadian rhythmicity and masking in a diurnal species, Arvicanthis niloticus
Dr. Peter Gonthier, with Dr. Alice Harding, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Physics An Interdisciplinary Study of Bocconia and Macleaya (Poppy Relatives): Systematic Relationships, Invasive History, and Chemical Profiles
Dr. Gerald Griffith, Dr. Kenneth Brown, and Dr. Amanda Eckermann Biology and Chemistry Testing a Viral-induced increase in Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) peptide
Dr. Justin Shorb Chemistry Establishing Validity of a Novel Eye-Tracking Data Analysis
Technique to Chemistry Education Research and Application to Online Chemistry Laboratory Prelab Materials

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HHMI Research Scholars for 2016:

Name(s) Department Research Mentor
Haley Fischman Biology Dr. Benjamin Kopek
Amanda Gibson Chemistry Dr. Leah Chase
Gracie Lewellyn Chemistry Dr. Justin Shorb
Evan Altman Computer Science Dr. Ryan McFall
Kate Finn Engineering Dr. Katherine Polasek
Clayton Sanders Geological and Environmental Sciences Dr. Ed Hansen
Jiyi Jiang Mathematics Dr. Yew-Meng Koh
Alexa Madiera Nursing Dr. Melissa Bouws
Jacob Pledger Physics Dr. Stephen Remillard
Josiah Brouwer Physics Dr. Peter Gonthier
Trechaun Gonzalez Psychology Dr. Gerald Griffin and Dr. Sonja Trent-Brown

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Course-based Research Experience Development Awards for 2016:

Name(s) Department Course
Dr. Leah Chase

Neuroscience Program

Development of an Inquiry-Based Lab Module for Introduction to Neuroscience


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