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Program Goals

Ease the transition process of underrepresented freshmen to Hope College.

Assist students in making a connection to the Natural & Applied Science Division, Hope College and the Holland Area.

Provide information about careers, study skills, and services available at Hope College.

The Value of a Mentor

The benefits of participating in this program are many.  Your mentor will support you through the first year transition process, connect you to your new community, and give you a perspective on long-term career planning and personal development.  Through this one-on-one relationship you will know you are a valued person in the Natural and Applied Sciences Division, Hope College, and the Holland Community. 

Mentee Commitments

Be a serious student.

Be a responsible and active participant.

Be receptive to advice and council.

Interact with Mentor for at least two hours each  month for two semesters..

Attend fall social and orientation where you will meet your mentor an interact with others in the program.

Commit to being present at four mentee social meetings throughout the year.

Attend the end-of-the-year event in April.


This program is supported in part by an award to Hope College from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Undergraduate Science Education Program and bythe National Science Foundation under grants DUE 0966191 and DUE 1153600.