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People in Our Program

The success of the FACES at Hope depends on the dedicated people involved.  Experienced Natural and Applied Sciences Division students apply, train and volunteer their time to mentor incoming students. 

Freshmen apply to the program to make connections and form relationships to the division, the college, and the community. 

The support of the undergraduate staff and mission of Hope College to retain and graduate students who choose Hope College Natural and Applied Sciences Division also makes this program possible.  Enjoy your opportunity to meet those whose dedication makes this program possible!


My name is Anna Bonnema and I am the Director of FACES at Hope College. I have a background in science education, teach in the PATH program (Program for Academically Talented at Hope) and the occasional class at Hope College. 

This program was created to support incoming freshmen to achieve their potential at Hope College.  It is my hope that through this program freshmen will make connections and form relationships that bond them to Hope College and the Natural and Applied Sciences Division for their entire four years. 

As a participant in this program you will interact with me at events, at trainings, through newsletters, and in one-on-one meetings.  It is my joy and privilege to be a part of this experience and I look forward to being a part of your journey.