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Student programs supported by the Hope HHMI program

The Hope HHMI program supports a variety of programs that support STEM majors as the develop their skills as STEM professionals throughout their career at Hope College.

Fostering a Community of Excellence in STEM at Hope (FACES) is a program that supports the personal, academic and professional development of STEM majors through a variety of activities throughout the academic year as well as through a peer mentoring program.

The HHMI Research Scholars program supports undergraduate researchers working with Hope STEM faculty during the summer. Each participating department will nominate one student to participate in the program provides not only stipend for the research scholar, but also the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary research mentor training workshop.

The HHMI STEM Inquiry Scholars program supports undergraduate STEM majors preparing to become k-12 educators. These students will work with Hope STEM faculty to development new programs to be used either in Hope College courses or in the Center for STEM Inquiry programs.

The Center for STEM Inquiry (CSI) is supporting a variety of initiatives to engage Hope STEM faculty, staff and students with the local k-12 community. Faculty interested in sharing their expertise or developing programs that engage the pre-college students or educators in activities based on their research programs are encouraged to work with the CSI team.

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