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Hughes Science Education Scholars

Hope promotes the development of pre-service K-12 teachers through the Hughes Science Education Scholars. Annually, stipends support roughly a handful of students intending a career in primary or secondary school science teaching for the summer to work with faculty on curriculum development projects. The Education Scholars participate in the faculty summer workshops on curriculum development, the student summer research program and in on-and off-campus presentations. These awardees work closely with their mentor(s) to ensure the best understanding and applicable experience possible. Each student receives a stipend, a research allotment and travel expenses to a national or regional scientific meeting to present their work. Selection of Education Scholars is based upon academic record, professional aspirations, initiative and independence.



Morgan Cinader, Department of Biology. Supervisor: Dr. Joseph Stukey

Nicole Ladd, Department of Chemistry. Supervisor: Dr. Brent Krueger

Elizabeth Sumner, Department of Computer Science. Supervisor: Dr. Michael Jipping

Ireana Cook, Department of Engineering. Supervisor: Dr. Courtney Peckens

Jeffrey Russcher, Department of Engineering. Supervisor: Dr. Courtney Peckens

Brooke Dragoo, Department of Engineering. Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Polasek

Jessica Gaines, Department of Engineering. Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Polasek

Benjamin Johnson, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences. Supervisor: Ms. Suzanne DeVries-Zimmerman

Sarah Petersen, Department of Mathematics. Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie Edwards

Benjamin Peecher, Department of Physics. Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Hampton

Natasha Bernal, Department of Psychology. Supervisors: Dr. Carrie Bredow and Dr. Lindsay Root Luna

Kathryn Lee, Department of Nursing. Supervisor: Dr. Michael Pikaart

Cole Watson, Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics. Supervisors: Dr. Charles Cusack and Dr. Airat Bekmetjev


Clara Schriemer, Department of Biology. Supervisor: Dr. Virginia McDonough

Cameron Holder, Department of Chemistry. Supervisor: Dr. Mary Elizabeth Anderson

Kalli Crandell, Department of Computer Science. Supervisor: Dr. Michael Jipping

John Boss, Department of Engineering. Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Polasek

Ryan Vander Meulen, Departments of Geological and Environmental Sciences and Mathematics. Supervisors: Drs. Ed Hansen and Brian Yurk

Michael Henricksen, Department of Mathematics. Supervisor: Dr. Vicki-Lynne Holmes

Christina Sarosiek, Department of Physics. Supervisor: Dr. Paul DeYoung

Fallon Richie, Department of Psychology. Supervisor: Drs. Patricia Roehling and Charlotte Witvliet



Ariel Vincent (Department of Mathematics) – . (Supervisor: Dr. Brian Yurk)

Mike Bischak (Department of Physics) – . (Supervisor: Dr. Steve Remillard)

Eric Traynor (Department of Physics) – . (Supervisor: Dr. Paul DeYoung)

Caitlin Kozack (Department of Chemistry) – . (Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Sanford)

Lauren Janness (Department of Engineering) – . (Supervisor: Dr. Matthew Smith)

Minchul Kim (Department of Psychology) – . (Supervisor: Dr. Gwenda Schmidt-Snoek)

Taylor Brushwyler (Department of Computer Science) – . (Supervisor: Michael Jipping)

Nathan VanArendonk (Department of Geologicial & Environmental Sciences) – . (Supervisor: Dr. Ed Hansen)



Alexandra Benson (Department of Chemistry) – Investigation of Hierarchical SelfAssembled Structures using Scanning Probe Microscopy. (Supervisor: Dr. Mary Elizabeth Anderson)

Anthony Gasparotto (Department of Biology) – Localization and Metabolism of a DPP Lipid Fluorescent Dye and its Derivatives in S. cerevisiae. (Supervisor: Dr. Virginia

Danielle Goodman (Department of Biology) – Investigating the Cytotoxic Effects of Mycobacteriophage Vix Gene 80. (Supervisor: Dr. Joseph Stuckey)

Joseph Kammeraad (Department of Computer Science) – Modeling Bacterial Metabolism and Genetic Regulation. (Supervisor: Dr. Matthew DeJongh)

Andreana Rosnik (Department of Chemistry) – Theoretical Approaches for Modeling Chemical Systems. (Supervisor: Dr. William Polik)



Katherine Brune (Department of Engineering) – Kinetic and Product Property Models for Biodiesel Production. (Supervisor: Dr. Mike Misovich)

Elena Caruthers (Department of Engineering) – The Relationship between Multi-Segment Foot Kinematics and Plantar Pressure. (Supervisor: Dr. Katie Polasek)

Elizabeth Fast (Department of Psychology) – Explicitness and Word Class as Factors of the Neural Basis of Metaphors. (Supervisor: Dr. Gwenda Schmidt)

Jessica Kozack (Department of Biology) – Investigation into the requirement of a nonreceptor tyrosine kinase during zebrafish development. (Supervisor: Dr. Aaron Putzke)

Eric Lunderberg (Departments of Chemistry and Physics) – Spectroscopy of 13Li. (Supervisors: Dr. Graham Peaslee and Dr. Paul DeYoung)


Julia Becker (Department of Biology) – Resveratrol Ameliorates Brain Damage Induced by Surgical Cannulae Placement: Potential for Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.
(Supervisor: Dr. Greg Fraley)

Scott DeClaire (Department of Mathematics) – Differential Genotyping Errors in Imputed SNP Genotypes: An Analysis Using Data from the Framingham Heart Study.
(Supervisor: Dr. Nathan Tintle)

Matthew Hartwell (Department of Chemistry) – Trafficking of Membrane Transport System. (Supervisor: Dr. Leah Chase)

Tabatha Hipshear (Department of Engineering) – Modeling Biological and Chemical Processes in Slow Sand Filtration. (Supervisor: Dr. Michael Misovich)

Erica Jansen (Department of Biology) – Screening of Natural Plant Extracts for Antiparasitic Activity. (Supervisor: Dr. Aaron Best)

Andrew McCubbin (Department of Physics) – Quantitative Analysis of Metalloprotein Stoichiometry with PIXE and PESA. (Supervisors: Dr. Graham Peaslee and Dr. Paul DeYoung)

Kelsey Moore (Department of Biology) – FRK-1 Requirement in Regulation of C. elegans Skin Cell Proliferation and Size. (Supervisor: Dr. Aaron Putzke)


Kimberly Boyd (Department of Biology) – Real Time Analysis of System xc Transporter Trafficking. (Supervisor: Dr. Leah Chase)

Xisen Hou (Department of Chemistry) – Hormones. (Supervisor: Dr. Wallace Fu)

Steven Lewis (Department of Chemistry) – Identifying Mutated VACM-1 as a Biomarker in Treating Cancer. (Supervisor: Dr. Maria Burnatowska-Hledin)

Abigail Phillips (Department of Engineering) – Optimization and Byproduct Use from Biodiesel Processing. (Supervisor: Dr. Michael Misovich)

Robert Sjöholm (Department of Chemistry) – Discovery of New Anti-Leishmanial Agents Using the Combretastatin Structural Framework. (Supervisor: Dr. Moses Lee)

Ingrid Slette (Department of Biology) – Isolation and Identification of Fungistatic Compounds from Tropical Pioneer Plant Seeds. (Supervisor: Dr. Greg Murray)

Blair Williams (Department of Engineering) – Design and Implementation of a Bicycle Roll Angle Control System. (Supervisor: Dr. Miguel Abrahantes)


Joel Block (Department of Engineering) – Field Monitoring and Performance Evaluation of FRP Composites Used to Strengthen Bridges. (Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Brown)

Shirley Bradley (Department of Chemistry) – VACM-1/cul5 Function Is Regulated by Its Posttranslational Modification Status. (Supervisor: Dr. Maria Burnatowska-Hledin)

Nova Hinman (Department of Psychology) – Happiness, Forgiveness, and Gratitude: A Psychophysiological Analysis of Coping with Interpersonal Hurts. (Supervisor: Dr. Charlotte

Joshua Kinder (Department of Mathematics) – The Interface of Mathematics and Chemistry: The Actions of Groups on Sets. (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Pearson)

Daniel Lithio (Department of Mathematics) – Probabilities of e-shadowed Pseudo-Orbits. (Dr. Timothy Pennings)

Krista Mehari (Department of Psychology) – The Relationships of Self-Esteem and Parenting Practices to Externalizing Behaviors among Latino and White Adolescents. (Supervisor: Dr. Lorna Jarvis and Dr. Patricia Roehling)

Jonathan Parrish (Department of Chemistry) – Mechanism of Carbon-Carbon Bond Activation with a Transition Metal Catalyst. (Supervisor: Dr. Jeffrey Johnson)


Christine Bodden (Department of Chemistry) – Developing Carbonyl Substituted Napthalene Derivatives to Gate Photoinduced Charge Transfer(Supervisor: Dr. Jason Gillmore)

Lindsay Ellsworth (Department of Chemistry) – Ion Beam Analysis of Metalloprotein Stoichiometry (Supervisor: Dr. Graham Peaslee)

Paul Frybarger (Department of Computer Science) – Building a Metabolic Model of Shewanella oneidensis from an Annotated Genome (Supervisor: Dr. Matt DeJongh)

Lisa Kallemeyn (Department of Engineering) – Heat Transfer Mechanisms in Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Bonded to Concrete (Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Brown)

Ross Knoll (Department of Psychology) – From Pain to Well-Being: A Bio-Psycho-Behavioral Investigation Emphasizing Non-Self-Report Methods of Assessing Forgiveness and Gratitude
(Supervisor: Dr. Charlotte Witvliet)

Emily McConnelly (Department of Biology) – Hormonal and Environmental Differences Associated with Aggressive Nestbox Defense and Reproductive Success in the Eastern Bluebird
(Sialia sialis) (Supervisors: Dr. Greg Fraley and Dr. Kathy Winnett-Murray)

Jonathan Moerdyk (Department of Chemistry) – Quinoline Analogs of Perimidinespirohexadienone Photochromes: Toward Gating Photoinduced Charge Transfer(Supervisor: Dr. Jason Gillmore)

Keith Mulder (Department of Chemistry) – DNA Sequence Specific Recognition: Molecular Design, Synthesis, and Biochemistry (Supervisor: Dr. Moses Lee)

Caitlin Rice (Department of Biology) – Molecular Characterization and Genetic Regulation of Lipid Metabolism in Saccharomyces cervisiae MGA2 and PAR16 Mutants (Supervisor: Dr. Virginia McDonough)


Robyn Anderson (Department of Engineering) – Utilizing Infrared Thermography to Analyze Defects in Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites. (Supervisor: Dr. Jeff Brown)

Kristin Ellsworth (Department of Chemistry) – Modeling Potential Energy Surfaces of Small Molecules. (Supervisor: Dr. William Polik)

Kevin Formsma (Department of Computer Science) – Generating a Reaction Model for Shewanella oneidensis using Flux Analysis. (Supervisor: Matthew Dr. DeJongh)

Alicia Hofelich (Department of Psychology) – Cognitive, Emotional, and Physiological Responses to Unforgiving, Pseudo-forgiving, and Forgiving Toward an Offender.
(Supervisor: Dr. Charlotte Witvliet)

Jacob Holton (Department of Psychology) – Relationships between Speech Modes and Prosocial Behavior in Bilingual and Monolingual Adolescents. (Supervisor: Dr. Lorna Jarvis)

Cheryl Jacobs (Department of Biology) – Characterization of Second Site Suppressors of pdr16∆ in Saccharomyces cerevisaie to Uncover the Process of Uptake and Metabolism
of Dietary Fatty Acids. (Supervisor: Dr. Virginia McDonough)


Nathan DeYoung (Department of Psychology) – The Effects of Holding Grudges or Granting Forgiveness on Heart Rate Variability. (Supervisors: Dr. Charlotte Witvliet and Dr. Charles Behensky)

Abby Goltz (Departments of Biology and Chemistry) – The Stoichiometry of Chloride Transport in Cysteine/Glutamate Exchange. (Supervisor: Dr. Leah Chase)

Marlie Johnson (Department of Biology) – ICV Gonadotropin Inhibitory Hormone Inhibits LH Secretion and Has Diurnal Inhibitory Effects on Sex Behavior in the Male Rat. (Supervisor: Dr. Greg Fraley)

Lauren Kucera (Department of Chemistry) – Development of Hybrid Sol-gel Films for Cell Growth and Adhesion Studies. (Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Sanford)

Molly Lien (Departments of Biology and Psychology) – Olfactory Enrichment of Howler Monkeys. (Supervisors: Dr. Patricia Roehling and Dr. Kathy Winnett-Murray)

Joshua Warner (Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences) – Development of a Method to Determine the Provenance of Sand Using Particle Induced X-ray Emission Spectroscopy. (Supervisor: Dr. Graham Peaslee)



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