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2009 Research Gallery

Anna & Lauren

Improving Statistical Analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies
Research Mentor:
Dr. Nathan Tintle, Mathematics Department

Anna Filcik and Lauren Bedard

Crowdcasting with Online Games
Research Mentor:
Dr. Charles Cusack,
Computer Science Department

Brenda Cuellar and
Joshua Visscher

Brenda Josh
Oscar Mycosporine Like Compounds
Research Mentor:
Dr. W
allace Fu, Chemistry Department

Oscar Munoz
Peptide Synthesis
Research Mentor:
Dr. Wallace Fu, Chemistry Department

Abhay Mather
Kristi   Analogs of DAPI as New Antiparasitic Agents
Research Mentors:
Drs. Moses Lee, Sameer Chavda, Balaji Babu, Chemistry Department
and Dereje Desta, Biology Department

Kristi Wu
Experimental and Computational Organic Photochemistry
Research Mentor:
Dr. Jason Gillmore, Chemistry Department

Bryce Curry and Charles Murillo
Bryce Chas

Environmental Impact on Puberty and Reproductive Function
Research Mentor:
Dr. Greg Fraley, Biology Department

Kelsey Castillo
*The Holland Sentinel's 11/2/09 Article


The Chemistry Behind the Conversion
of Vegetable Oils to Biodiesel

Research Mentors:
Dr. Michael Misovich, Engineering Department
and Dr. Moses Lee, Chemistry Department

Daniel Denby
Rolando Sediment Sampling for the Macatawa Watershed
Research Mentors:
Dr. Graham Peaslee, Chemistry Department
and Dr. Paul DeYoung, Physics Department

Rolando Barajas
Studying Cell Death Associated with Neurodegenerative Diseases
Research Mentor:
Dr. Leah Chase, Biochemistry Department

Sasha Balcazar and Guillermo Flores
Darve Assessing the Growth of Caterpillars, Butterflies, and Predator Insects Based on the Nutrient Availability of their Food Sources
Research Mentor:
Dr. Tom Bultman, Biology Department

Darve Robinson

Synthesis and Cytotoxic Properties of Combretastatin Analogs
Research Mentor:
Dr. Moses Lee, Chemistry Department

Raymond Strobel




Synthesis and Cytotoxic Properties of Combretastatin Analogs
Research Mentor:
Dr. Moses Lee, Chemistry Department

Megan Lee

Organic Synthesis with Transition Metal Catalysts
Research Mentor:
Dr. Jeff Johnson, Chemistry Department

Amanda Witte




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