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2012 Research Project Interests

This year’s research project descriptions are a little bit different than in the past. Rather than list individual faculty member’s projects, we’d like you to consider the type of project that appeals to you and the types of skills you hope to gain from your experience.

Would you like to…

1. Carry out bench-top experiments in chemistry, biology, physics, geology, engineering and/or environmental science? These types of research projects might include conducting synthesis experiments (making new molecules), analyzing samples using instrumentation and fine-tuning experimental procedures. In biology these projects may involve live animals, insects, fish or
worms while in chemistry, geology, engineering or physics, these experiments may involve working with gases, solutions, or solids.
Skills you may learn: synthetic techniques, laboratory notebook and other data recording, analytical techniques using instrumentation, data analysis, using spreadsheets, other computational methods and research presentation skills.

2. Carry out research primarily using computers and/or math methods? Some projects in engineering, physics, computer science, chemistry and math will not involve much bench-top work, but rather experiments and data analysis using computer programs. In some cases, helping write the computer programs may be part of the experiments while in others you may be learning new software programs to solve problems. Skills you may learn: computer programming and other computer software applications, math research skills, statistics skills, graphing and other data visualization, keeping a laboratory notebook and presentation skills.

3. Carry out research related to community health, healthcare or psychology? You may have an opportunity to do research based on the interviews and other data gathered from interviews with people of all ages. The research may also involve gathering data and analyzing data related to health and wellness programs. Some of the work in nursing may involve looking at nutritional, injury, growth or disease data. Skills you may learn: data gathering and analysis, ethics in human subjects and research methods, interviewing skills and analysis, keeping a laboratory notebook and presentation skills.


Many of the potential projects have components of several of these areas, but we are interested in knowing where your primary interests are and what are the main skills that you are hoping to gain. Please include one or two brief paragraphs in your application about your interests in these types of projects and skills. We anticipate offering projects in the areas of biochemistry, chemistry, biology, genetics, environmental science, water quality, physics, materials science, math, statistics, nursing, psychology, and engineering. If you are selected for this summer’s program, we will do our best to match your interests with the projects we have available.







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