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  William Polik

Welcome from Associate Dean William Polik

The Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship is responsible for providing coordination and leadership for many of the programs on campus related to faculty scholarship and student-faculty collaborative research.

My office hosts the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance, supports faculty in their search for external funding for research, and helps coordinate the summer research programs.  In addition, I am the chair of the Advisory Board of the Frost Research Center which provides survey research services and data analysis, the chair of the Human Subjects Review Board that provides approval and oversight for research involving people, and the Institutional Official for the Animal Care and Use Committee. I am always eager to connect with members of Hope's community about issues related to scholarship and research.

For those beyond Hope's campus looking for research partnerships, send me a note and I can try to identify a potential collaborator.

William F. Polik
Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship
Hofma Professor of Chemistry
Schaap Research Fellow