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Free Membership

Hope College is recognized not only for the extent and quality of undergraduate research, but also for our national leadership in promoting undergraduate research for student learning, personal development, and successful outcomes. Hope faculty were among the founding members the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) in the 1980’s. Hope College became an inaugural institutional member of CUR. Hope faculty have won national elections by their peers to serve as CUR Councilors.

CUR can help you:

  • Get started in research with undergraduates
  • Improve your effectiveness and productivity as a scholar
  • Develop funding sources
  • Develop leadership skills

Because Hope College has an enhanced institutional membership to CUR, every Hope faculty member in any Division is eligible for free membership to CUR.CUR membership provides the following benefits (some are free; others require financial support from Hope College):

  • Workshops and Institutes, for example
    • Beginning a Research Program Institute
    • Broadening Participation Institute
    • Creative Inquiry in the Arts and Humanities Institute
    • Proposal Writing Institute
  • Publications, for example
    • CUR Quarterly
    • “How To” Series, e.g, How to Mentor Undergraduate Researchers
    • A Practical Handbook for Supporting Community-Based Research with Undergraduate Students
    • Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research: Fostering Excellence and Enhancing the Impact
    • Creative Inquiry in the Arts & Humanities: Models of Undergraduate Research
    • Developing & Sustaining a Research-Supportive Curriculum: A Compendium of Successful Practices
    • Faculty Support and Undergraduate Research: Innovations in Faculty Role Definition, Workload and Reward
  • Mentor network
  • Program consulting
  • Open source bibliographies
    • Assessment
    • Integrating Research into the Curriculum
  • Listserve discussion groups, for example:
    • Arts & Humanities
    • Broadening Participation
    • Community Colleges
    • Math and Computer Science

To sign up for your free CUR membership, do the following

  • Register for a CUR website account. Choose “Hope College (MI)” from the Select Institution drop-down list instead of typing it into the textbox.
  • Provide your contact information as requested. Only * fields are required.
  • Go to Membership -> Become a Member -> Individual Online Application.
  • Verify the data in Step 1: Contact Information, including that “Hope College (MI)” is chosen from the Select Institution drop-down menu.
  • In Step 2: Membership Information, “Rep-Enhanced Indiv” should be pre-selected and the Total Due will be $0.00. If this is not the case, return to Step 1: Contact Information, choose a different institution from the drop-down list, re-choose “Hope College (MI)” from the drop-down list, and then continue to Step 2.
Complete the remaining Steps and finally click “Submit Membership”




National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) - Online Submission of Abstracts opens 10/2/2017.