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Lida Dabney

Lida Dabney

Community College: Harper Community College

Hometown: Rolling Meadows, IL

High School: Anderson County High School

Major at Hope: Chemistry/Biochemistry

What do you find exciting or interesting about your major?

It's so challenging! There is an inexhausible and ever-growing database of knowledge in my field.

What are your career plans at this time?

I am ultimately pursuing an MD/PhD degree so I can practice as a surgeon as well as a research scientist.

Describe your summer research project.

My project is in the field of biochemistry. I use several different procedures to trace the paths of two proteins, called VACM-1 and NEDD8, within mammalian cells. VACM-1 inhibits growth, and it interacts with NEDD8. The observed anti-proliferative effects make it interesting when considering conditions such as cancer, specifically vreast cancer. Little is known about the interactions of these proteins, and thus my project seeks to shed light on this complex pathway.

What are some of your favorite activities outside of your school work?

I love aiding in humanitarian efforts, reading fiction and non-fiction books, biking for long distances, cooking spicy food, and watchin Grey's Anatomy!

What were some influences on your decision to attend Hope?

Hope College's Christian character is well known and very appealing to me. Also, when I asked some of my friends, who are Hope students, about the level of difficulty in their classes, they unanimously confirmed the school's intensity. I believe anything that challenging is worth my time.