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Olajide Banks

Community College: Harold Washington College

Hometown: Chicago, IL

High School: Whitney M Young High School

Major at Hope: Chemistry Majjor

What do you find exciting or interesting about your major?

I like how the concepts that I learn in class can be directly applied to explain everyday occurrences.

What are your career plans at this time?

I am planning on graduate school as of right now.

Describe your summer research project.

During the summer I worked on the chemical modification of platinum electrodes. The modification was done by immobilizing ruthenium films to the surface of the electrode and then characterizing them using rutherford back scattering.

What are some of your favorite activities outside of your school work?

I enjoy watching movies.

What were some influences on your decision to attend Hope?

I came to Hope because of my experience here doing summer research and the well-known chemistry depatment.