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Bailey Bensley

Community College: Northwestern Michigan College

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

High School: Traverse City West Senior High School

Major at Hope: Chemistry Major

What do you find exciting or interesting about your major?

The thing that never ceases to amaze me about the sciences in general is how much is still being discovered. What we know now compared to a hundred years ago seems absolutely incredible to me, and the fact that the rate at which we're learning new things is so much faster. I used to get notifications about chemistry news, and the new information available in one day was far too much for me to read. I just like the fact that there's so much out there yet to be done. That's partially the reason that I don't know what to do for a career!

What are your career plans at this time?

I still have NO idea about what I may be doing. I'm hoping that my summer research project will start to give me some ideas.

Describe your summer research project.

I will be participating in research summer of 2011.

What are some of your favorite activities outside of your school work?

I absolutely love music, and am passionate about classic rock (60's and 70's rock). Love the Beatles! A lot of spare time is spent listening to music and reading about music. I also love movies (Traverse City Film Festival is by far the best thing that goes on in TC!) Other than that, hanging out with friends is my favorite, especially getting out and doing outdoorsy stuff if the weather permits, i.e. boating, swimming, and heading out to the beach.

What were some influences on your decision to attend Hope?

I knew a few alumnis that had nothing negative to say about the school. I came and visited, and the people were absolutely welcoming compared to other places I'd been. After completing a year at U of M, I knew that I wanted to go to a school that was much smaller and more personal. The great science department/ research opportunities were another big reason I chose Hope.