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Cameron Flint

Community College: Muskegon Community College

Hometown: Ravenna, MI

High School: Home-schooled

Major at Hope: Computer Sciencemajor

What do you find exciting or interesting about your major?

Digging into what makes computers work and learning about how to take advantage of them has been my greatest passion since my early years of high school. I enjoy software development as a creative outlet; it is challenging, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding because the effort pays off immediately as one builds, improves, maintains, and supports something useful that is hopefully of personal interest. Programming is almost an art or a "craft" as much as it is a science, and because technology changes so rapidly and there is so much that has already been established, no software engineer can possibly run out of things to learn -- this is something that excites me greatly.

What are your career plans at this time?

I am seeking to obtain a full-time position as a software engineer upon graduating in May of 2011. I hope to continue on this path as long as it continues to challenge me and to provide meaningful practical experience, with the hope that I will be able to combine my love of software development with overseas travel and -- perhaps someday -- an educational setting.

Describe your summer research project.

Though the project I was involved with was not officially part of the S-STEM program, as during 2008 I was still completing my sophomore year at MCC, I have fond memories of the experience. My project partner and I continued work on an existing plug-in called Jasclipse for the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The plug-in facilitates development in Java bytecode, which is the portable, intermediate language that Java compiles into and what is executed by the virtual machine. Our work involved integrating a debugger and a few tools to make the process of using the language more accessible to beginning students.

What are some of your favorite activities outside of your school work?

I am an avid music fan, both listening to and playing (guitar) it. I enjoy long, one-one-one conversations with friends in the fall weather, reading, and of course, programming.

What were some influences on your decision to attend Hope?

I discovered Hope in the summer of 2008 through a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). I quickly fell in love with the campus and enjoyed what I did that summer, so I determined to come back as a student upon completion of my Associates degree if at all possible. When the S-STEM program made this financially feasible, I didn't give it a second thought.