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Sarah Geoghan

Community College: Muskegon Community College

Hometown: Muskegon, MI

High School: Muskegon Catholic Central

Major at Hope: Biochemistry Major; Spanish Minor

What do you find exciting or interesting about your major?

I enjoy studying the chemistry behind some of our everyday materials. I especially ejoy learning about the different types of reactions and pathways that work within our bodies.

What are your career plans at this time?

I am presently a pre-[med student who is planning on studying medicine after undergraduate schooling. If medical school does not work out for me, I would love occupational therapy.

Describe your summer research project.

I have not done a research project yet.

What are some of your favorite activities outside of your school work?

Outside of school, I enjoy going to sproting events, spending time with family and friends, playing the piano and guitar, as well as curling up to read a good book.

What were some influences on your decision to attend Hope?

I had heard great things about their science department and their dedication to pre-[med students. I also was very interested in researching at HOpe, given its prestigious summer research program.