The 19th annual Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA) at Hope College was held on our virtual platform, allowing you to visit different rooms (see links below) showcasing the accomplishments of our student researchers and artists.

The scholarship of discovery and application are both highlighted through the works of faculty-student collaborations across all four divisions at Hope: Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural & Applied Sciences.  Thanks for your support and participation in CURCA 2020.

How to Participate (click to expand)

Below you'll find a list of this year's presentations, offered in an online format. Presentations are broken into virtual rooms. Students will take turns giving a brief (three minute) summary of their research and then take questions. Each poster will be presented only once.

  • To view the presentation list for a room, select room title or select "Expand All."
  • To join a room, select the "Visit Room" button that is visible when the presentation list is expanded. This will open up a Google Meets link. All times listed are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT,UTC-04:00)
    • Please join with a muted microphone.
    • If you are not signed in to Google with a Hope College account, there may be a brief delay as you are accepted into the video meeting.
    • If your device does not have a speaker or you cannot connect to the meeting, use the phone number listed in "join by phone" to dial in to the event.
  • You can ask questions and reference links in the "chat" section of the room. If you're not familiar with Google Hangouts Meet, join a few minutes early to check out these features. (Note that if you join the call early, you may witness "sound checks" and students spot-checking technology.)
  • Want to know more about the projects before joining a room? To view students' abstracts, click on the corresponding presentation title. You'll be able to read a one to three paragraph description of the project.

We are grateful to the students and mentors of over 100 projects who will be presenting at this year's Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity. Due to the pandemic, many students had to drop out of Celebration. We still celebrate their work and discoveries! To see more examples of student research and creative activity at Hope College, view our Abstract Book.

   The green leaf icon indicates sessions with a special focus on sustainability and are thus celebrated by the Holland-Hope College Sustainability Institute.
 The asterisk indicates the presenter is a member of Sigma Xi, the international honor society of science and engineering.

Session One: 2:30–3:20

Room 1A: Biology, Chemistry, & NeuroscienceModerator: Dr. Andrew Gall
Visit Room 1A (2:30-3:20) 

Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 540-603-1820‬ PIN: ‪216 560 920‬#

Room 1B: PsychologyModerator: Dr. Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet

Visit Room 1B (2:30-3:20) 

Join the video meeting:
Join by phone:+1 636-707-2345‬ PIN: ‪854 779 992‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Carrie Bredow, Lindsey Root Luna, Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, and Benjamin Meagher

Room 1C: Political Science & Phelps Scholars Moderator: Dr. Virginia Beard

Visit Room 1C (2:30-3:20) 

Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 929-260-4480‬ PIN: ‪823 873 390‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Virginia Beard & Chuck Green

Room 1D: KinesiologyModerator: Dr. Mark Northuis

Visit Room 1D (2:30-3:20) 

Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 301-857-1729‬ PIN: ‪392 815 203‬#

Thanks to mentors: Professors Timothy Koberna & Olufemi Oluyedun 

Room 1E: Multidisciplinary (History, Phelps Scholars, Psychology, Engineering, & Chemistry)Moderator: Dr. Kevin Kambo

Visit Room 1E (2:30-3:20) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 252-584-0132‬ PIN: ‪508 726 376‬#

Thanks to mentors: The Rev. Dr. Trygve Johnson, Drs. Jeanne Petit, Kristen Gray, Andrew Gall, Stephen Scogin, Joanne Stewart, Professor Susan Ipri Brown, and Kasey Stevens.

Room 1F: ChemistryModerator: Dr. Jeff Johnson

Visit Room 1F (2:30-3:20) 

Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 605-937-6347‬ PIN: ‪800 941 659‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. William Polik, Michael Jipping, Jeffrey Johnson, and Amanda Eckermann

Session Two: 3:20–4:10

Room 2A: Psychology & ReligionModerator: Dr. Daryl Van Tongeren

Visit Room 2A (3:20-4:10) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: ‪+1 470-499-0015‬ PIN: ‪523 642 846‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Benjamin Meagher and Mary Inman
Room 2B: BiologyModerator: Dr. Kelly Ronald

Visit Room 2B (3:20-4:10) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone:‪+1 401-702-0679‬ PIN: ‪241 296 894‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Jianhua Li, Kenneth Brown, Kelly Ronald, Megan Gall (Vassar College), Phillip Rivera, Paul DeYoung, and Mr. Ron Reimink.

Room 2C: Phelps Scholars, World Languages & Cultures, Nursing, Sociology & Social WorkModerator: Dr. Phillip Rivera

Visit Room 2C (3:20-4:10) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 352-888-6412‬ PIN: ‪536 130 539‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Pablo Peschiera, Charles Green, Pauline Remy, Aaron Franzen, and Barbara Vincensi

Room 2D: Chemistry & EngineeringModerator: Dr. Jeff Christians

Visit Room 2D (3:20-4:10) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: ‪‪+1 252-427-1551‬ PIN: ‪441 893 138‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Brent Krueger, Aaron Best, Brooke Odle, and Jeffrey Christians

Room 2E: Kinesiology & PsychologyModerator: Dr. Brian Rider

Visit Room 2E (3:20-4:10) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 561-408-9207‬ PIN: ‪834 205 267‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Brian Rider, Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, and Professor Tonia Gruppen

Room 2F: Political ScienceModerator: Dr. Steven McMullen

Visit Room 2F (3:20-4:10) Join the meeting:
Join by phone: +1 475-355-7339‬ PIN: ‪543 166 866‬#

Thanks to mentor: Dr. Virginia Beard

Room 2G: Psychology & ReligionModerator: Dr. Alyssa Cheadle

Visit Room 2G (3:20-4:10) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 980-288-6781‬ PIN: ‪881 592 541‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Alyssa Cheadle, Sonja Trent-Brown, Jared Ortiz, and Daryl Van Tongeren

Session Three: 4:10–5

Room 3A: Psychology & ReligionMoved to room 2G (3:20-4:10)

Note: This session has been moved to room 2G (3:20-4:10)

Room 3B: PsychologyModerator: Dr. Lindsey Root Luna

Visit Room 3B (4:10-5:00) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 978-515-0018‬ PIN: ‪619 668 395‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Lindsey Root Luna and Daryl Van Tongeren

Room 3C: Mathematics & PhysicsModerator: Dr. Jennifer Hampton

Visit Room 3C (4:10-5:00) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: +1 402-523-0208‬ PIN: ‪562 596 433‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Brian Yurk, Paul DeYoung, Jennifer Hampton, Stephen Remillard, and Mr. Andrew Bunnell

Room 3D: Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and  NeuroscienceModerators: Drs. Leah Chase & Kristin Dittenhaffer-Reed

Visit Room 3D (4:10-5:00) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: ‪+1 513-839-2983‬ PIN: ‪515 027 043‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Kelly Ronald, Laura Hurley (Indiana University), Leah Chase, and Kristin Dittenhaffer-Reed

Room 3E: Theater, Psychology, English, & Music Moderator: Dr. Mike Owens

Visit Room 3E (4:10-5:00) Join the video meeting:
Join by phone: ‪+1 413-369-1311‬ PIN: ‪299 223 329‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Benjamin Meagher, Michael Owens, Sarah Southerland, and Jordan VanHemert, with Reagan Chesnut

Room 3F: Dance & Kinesiology Moderator: Dr. Maureen Dunn

Visit Room 3F (4:10-5:00) Join the meeting:
Join by phone:+1 401-426-4811‬ PIN: ‪585 956 078‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Matthew Farmer, Maureen Dunn, Kirk Brumels, and Professor Julie Powell

Room 3G: Communication, Phelps Scholars, & Mellon Scholars Moderator: Dr. Marissa Doshi

Visit Room 3G (4:10-5:00) 
Join the video meeting:

Join by phone: +1 484-787-2318‬ PIN: ‪538 999 088‬#

Thanks to mentors: Drs. Marissa Doshi, Pablo Peschiera, Lynn Japinga, Marsley Kehoe, and Kristen Gray, with Amy Otis and Kasey Stevens