/ ExploreHope Academic Outreach

Volunteer Opportunities

Share your excitement with younger students! ExploreHope sponsors educational programs throughout the academic year. Join us to make it possible.

ExploreHope aims to expose K–12 students to the amazing facilities at Hope College while exciting their passion for learning.

Boy Scouts

Boy Scout Merit Badge programs bring 100s of scouts to campus each year to work on both Eagle required badges and science and engineering related badges. Former scouts are most welcome to join us in staffing those day.

  • January 15, 2022 — Nuclear Science up Close

Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Days bring Junior Journeys, outdoor art and science badge activities to girls of all ages. Join us to spark their interest in education. More dates being planned!

  • January 8, 2022 — Think Like an Engineer – Junior Journey in a Day!

Middle School Girls

Middle School Girls Day highlights the individual departments of the Hope Natural and Applied Science Division. Student clubs each plan a station to introduce career options for the girls in their individual disciplines.