/ ExploreHope Academic Outreach

Program Possibilities

We provide access to new inquiry-based opportunities for students of all ages and access to unique resources.

Equipment and Curriculum Lending 

Equipment Available

  • Watershed Testing and Sampling
    • Probeware
    • Sampling equipment
    • Waders
    • Boots
  • Nuclear science testing
    • Education grade radioactive sources
    • Radiation monitors
    • Nuclear science demonstration tools
  • Electronics kits
    • Breadboards
    • Electronics components
    • Multimeters
  • Engineering curriculum
    • All age level lesson plan resources to incorporate engineering into your classroom
Air Quality Monitors

Middle and high school classes can borrow a set of air quality monitors for use with biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science or math classes. Initial lessons are provided to get the students exploring their own inquiry questions with the monitors.

A dashboard site allows the class to catalog and analyze their data as well as access data from other schools. Check out the project page.

Visits/Tours of Hope
Planning a field trip downtown? Include Hope in your day. We can host hands-on activities with your students or tours of facilities. Let us know how we can help.