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Project Ideas and Samples

Youth take ownership of Generation Spark projects. Instead of assigning youth to pre-selected projects, we actually give them the opportunity to identify and develop their own project ideas.

Project Ideas

We have created this list of topics, or contexts, to spark youth ideas. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Social justice issuesYellow Generation Spark logo
  • Worship
  • Branding
  • Evangelism
  • Outreach
  • Governance/decision making
  • Stewardship
  • Building family
  • Education
  • Biblical literacy (within church and community)
  • Member involvement
  • Communication (within church and community)
  • Marketing
  • Planning for future ministry
  • Sales
  • Faith issues
  • Evaluation of church ministries

Sample Projects

  • Home for pregnant teens
  • Jobs for pregnant teens
  • Mentors for Rescue Mission men and women
  • Ministry to youth in an area trailer park
  • Bedbug infestation in low-income housing project costs people their furniture
  • Third-graders can’t read; unlikely to graduate or succeed
  • Engaging more parents with kids at school
  • Food banks: Is food meeting nutrition needs of clientele?
  • Extent to which youth are involved in church leadership
  • How can youth be involved in church leadership?
  • How many kids have a book at home?
  • How does immigration impact our church and community?
  • Give youth a voice in community via social media
  • Church branding: icons, tag line, logo
  • Church branding: What does our messaging say to the community?
  • Elder isolation: How many receive regular visits?
  • Adding visual dimension to worship
  • Social media within the church
  • Assess support needs of foster families in your church
  • How to recruit foster parents from churches
  • How many church members are involved in ministry?
  • How many members provide financial support to church?
  • How to increase volunteerism
  • How to increase number of donors and amount of giving
  • Developing a donor relations program at your church
  • Ways to communicate with college youth from the church
  • 200–300 homeless children in Holland Public Schools
  • Do school kids have food on the weekend?
  • Evaluate impact of key church ministries
  • What do neighbors want from your church?
  • Exit interviews for people who leave church. Why do people leave?
  • After school programs
  • Biblical literacy in church
  • How many children in church neighborhood receive dental care?
  • Communication systems within church